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Shelly Cashman Quasney

George W. Bush?? I wonder if the UK will take a political refugee...


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C'mon now you guys have got it easy - we've got John Howard, a squat little man with huge eyebrows who is leading the conservative coalition (Liberal/National) (curses i need a footnote to explain aussie federal politics)* into oblivion and taking Australia with him! Ah well, our dollar is worth about half of yours so at least the farmers will be happy...

And anyway, I wouldn't recommend becoming a political refugee in Australia, as they tend to get locked up in compounds in the middle of the desert for years at a time...

*....ermmm...just take my word for it when i say that the Liberal's aren't really liberal, okay, and the National party represent the farmers (supposedly - you'd probably know them as the the type of people who are the reasonable face of the National Rifle Association or whatever that gun lobby is over there).....and the Labor party really doesn't do a great job for anyone performing any kind of labour (the Labor party is the main opposition to the coalition and is generally supported by the mainstream union movement - when I say generally, I mean particularly when the Labor party is *not* in power - when it is in power, at least federally, the union movement has bitterly opposed the party's policies)...(oh and the political system is based on the UK's Westminster system and all of our laws and Prime Ministers have to get the Queen's approval...)....)

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Shelly Cashman Quasney

Wow. I need a score card to follow American politics. But this Australian thing...

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