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attention good visisitors

Oh great and kindly visitor, I have just finished a major revamp of my guide article "Galveston, Tx, USA" If you would be so generous with your time as to read it and let me know what you thought (I'm a big boy I can handle the truth) I would be enternaly gratefull, and if following your review you droped by the Forum&Firken pub I would happily buy you a C|_| for your trouble

thank you

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change is a good thing

to any visitor my home-page is about to undergo dramatic revision- following finals and the break. stay tuned for major improvements.

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guide entries

Howdy ya'll trying to get feedback of any sort on my articals if you would like to helo a chum out I would be very apprecitive.

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I am trying to put a pic. of the clipper on the home page if any one can help please let me know

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