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SashaQ - happysad

Entry: The Life and Works of Charlotte Bronte - A88031225
Author: SashaQ - happysad - U9936370

Here is the companion Entry to the other Bronte ones.

I'm not entirely satisfied with the flavour of this, so I appreciate your feedback to improve it. smiley - book

A88031225 - The Life and Works of Charlotte Bronte

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I've read this a few times and not sure what I can suggest to improve it overall.

One thing it lacks is the drama of recent years where there seem to be a constant stream of 'lost Bronte works' resurfacing. So it seems that in 2011 a 4,000 word short story was found, then a few years later a poem was found jotted into a copy of a book, and now more letters and stories has been found in the Honresfield Library earlier this year collection which is up for sale with various institutions in the UK trying to raise £15 million to save it. So the Bronte drama is still very much continuing right now with several twists and turns over the last ten years.


A88031225 - The Life and Works of Charlotte Bronte

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SashaQ - happysad

Thank you - I have added more about the 'Lost Works' and added more h2g2 links as well, so the Entry is much improved smiley - ok

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