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A87849445 - Death Comes to Ressonhurst Manor

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Entry: Death Comes to Ressonhurst Manor - A87849445
Author: minorvogonpoet - U3099090

I've managed to move this from Peer Review

A87849445 - Death Comes to Ressonhurst Manor

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Dmitri Gheorgheni, Post Editor

smiley - applause

And all I have to say is, look out, Barbara Cartland. smiley - winkeye

The characters in this story reminded me of something. Do you watch Doctor Who?


A87849445 - Death Comes to Ressonhurst Manor

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Ah splendid!! Again, thanks so much for this story, mvp! As you know, my original comments are in my journal. To sum up though, for the sake of anyone else reading this.

I researched monkshood (aconitum) after I read it! Really interesting, I never heard of it before. Makes me feel a bit queasy around the garden. heheh.

I listened to Jethro Tull singing Heavy Horses smiley - musicalnote, because Hercules reminded me, so beautiful, heavy horses.

And then there's Watson. Now, I've been thinking about Watson all afternoon. Such is the effect of a character.

See, I think he did it, yes? He did the poisoning? It's a double twist at the end, because you think its Lady Ryder or Miss Green, but it isn't.

Yes? I will go mad if I don't find out. Am I mad? yes! Yes! I must talk to Watson.

Such is the effect of characters. That's what you do, mvp, you create these characters, then they get into my life. smiley - rofl

I wonder what Ressonhurst Manor looks like? I have a picture already. I know it. I do? Yes.

grrrr writers. smiley - kiss I love it.

A87849445 - Death Comes to Ressonhurst Manor

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I watched Dr Who when the scenery was cardboard and you could push a dalek over. smiley - laugh

I'll have to prise my husband off the desktop computer before I can listen to this clip. There might be sound available on the laptop but I've no idea how to activate it. smiley - doh

As for Ressonhurst Manor, I like to think of it being like Launde Abbey in Leicestershire, where I went for a poetry weekend. That was Elizabethan with an earlier chapel and had a splendid garden.

A87849445 - Death Comes to Ressonhurst Manor

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Dmitri Gheorgheni, Post Editor

Does your laptop have a little icon in the lower right hand corner that looks like a loudspeaker? Try that. Or look under Settings. There will be sound somewhere. smiley - rofl

I loved it when the Daleks couldn't climb stairs. And the dog was flummoxed by thresholds. Falling scenery was part of the charm.

A87849445 - Death Comes to Ressonhurst Manor

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smiley - rofl That was so funny that the daleks couldn't climb stairs.

Eterminate... we will take over the control centre of the universe .. damn, its upstairs.

smiley - rofl

Yes, but what about Watson? No one will tell me.

I shall run out in the wild windy moorland, at night, in a thin dress, and go mad, until someone tells me the truth about Watson.

A87849445 - Death Comes to Ressonhurst Manor

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That should read exterminate. Of course.

A87849445 - Death Comes to Ressonhurst Manor

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I did manage to view the clip from Dr Who. smiley - laugh

But I think my inspiration was Sarah Waters - 'Tipping the Velvet' or 'Fingersmith.'

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