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A46039520 - Fearing magpies

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Sitting on the stair

Entry: Fearing magpies - A46039520
Author: Sitting on the stair - U187744

A thought while driving.

Why are there so many lone magpies this time of year?

A46039520 - Fearing magpies

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I like this - concise and evocative. smiley - smiley

I suppose magpies are doing well because they're bold and intelligent enough to scavenge man's leavings. Maybe you see single ones this time of year because the mating season is a twinkle in the eye, as it were!

You might like to look at Pheroneous II's poem about crows- 'Crows Around Me': A45547383

A46039520 - Fearing magpies

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Every morning this week I've seen a pair of magpies outside my kitchen window smiley - smiley

smiley - panda

A46039520 - Fearing magpies

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

I like the small, concise thought.smiley - smiley

The line 'could extend' bothers me. The syntax is confusing to me, even in a poem.

You might think of a way to make that long line a little more precise. (I won't make suggestions, as this is too tight for a third party to fiddle with.)

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