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A2841978 - My Beard, Religion and War.

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Entry: My Beard, Religion and War. - A2841978
Author: Deeety - U767438

How peoples attitue has changed towards me (a bearded man) over the last 24 months.

A2841978 - My Beard, Religion and War.

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LL Waz

I don't get the impression that you're worried by this problem but for the sake of anyone who is, and who does not want to draw this attention to themselves, can I suggest the solution of a half shave?

Preferably the left hand side of the head and moustache and the right hand side of beard. This should ensure no resemblence to anyone at all.

Unless of course this catches on. Then there might have to be a resort to smiley - erm... stripes?

Or bunches and bobbles. Can't imagine any terrorist using bobbles. Or blue checked gingham ribbons.

*sigh* there is a serious point here though. Which is worse - the cool headed terrorist that makes sure he/she blends in with the crowd or the one that can't give up the image even though it puts them at risk?


A2841978 - My Beard, Religion and War.

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

As an unshaven sort for most of my life, I have had similar experiences. Naked faced sapiens are an irritating lot.
I like this.
Can I use it for an upcoming CAC Continuum?

I think I can squirrel out some other beard-themed entries.
If I can't, I'll write them meself.

In the meantime, just tell them you're a Zen Druid, that you worship non-existent trees.smiley - biggrin

A2841978 - My Beard, Religion and War.

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I would be honoured to appear in CAC
as long as it’s not up to my neck!!!

Permission granted for CAC use but not for CIA use.

A2841978 - My Beard, Religion and War.

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Thanks Waz,
I will be visiting the barbers soon and will consider your recommendations. (as long as he only charges me half price that is!)

A2841978 - My Beard, Religion and War.

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

smiley - ok

A2841978 - My Beard, Religion and War.

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Funny piece. smiley - ok
This is why I fear changes in life. I'm always worried that one day I'll wake up and everyone else will be different or will look at me differently. smiley - erm

(for reference, see any episode of 'The Twilight Zone')

smiley - blacksheep

A2841978 - My Beard, Religion and War.

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Well-put, timely, and topical.

My favourite sensation of all time:

Having the wind blow my beard up to brush my face completely.

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