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A7754862 - Infinity and Breakfast

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Entry: Infinity and Breakfast - A7754862
Author: Ix_Prefect - U1549493

Anyone else's views on my theory???

A7754862 - Infinity and Breakfast

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Tom tamer of the lion

got it spot on mate. Its a good entry. Just wondering how do u get round a cup of tea? How do you get a cup and the tea to equal 0 at the same time?

smiley - cider

A7754862 - Infinity and Breakfast

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Ah now that the clever bit. The Cup and Tea both equal 'N'. If this is divided by no people at all then each one of those no people would recieve an infinite amount of each.

A7754862 - Infinity and Breakfast

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Brown Eyed Girl

This is what i have been saying to my matyhs teacher for weeks - 0 is the only number that increases as it is divided by n, where n = any number.

I oput it this way,

person x has nothing. They share nothing with persons y, z and v. x still has nothing, but now so do y, z and v. x does not have less nothing than he started with, and he does not have more nothing than y z and v. Therefore we now have 4 times as much nothing as we started with. Therefore 0 has increased.

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