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A717978 - Africa Blindness

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Entry: Africa Blindness - A717978
Author: TheMyriadWhoIsALordOfTheRingsFanatic - U191081


After a brief foray in Peer Review I have been advised to post this here.



A717978 - Africa Blindness

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a girl called Ben

This is good - and horribly relevant while we are all blind to what is actually going on in the Middle East, and also while all eyes are turned away from Africa to watch.

Thanks for posting it.

smiley - brr

A717978 - Africa Blindness

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I Am Myriad


Thank you for the kind words.


A717978 - Africa Blindness

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Mort - a middle aged Girl Interrupted

Initially when i saw the title, i thought it was about the parasite that causes blindness.

Having read it, i am only too aware that i am guilty of it too. However much i wish i didnt, it is easier to look away than face these things.

Thankyou for reminding me to look.


A717978 - Africa Blindness

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Not sure the two halves add up to a whole - and the poem is a bit repetitive for me. Or maybe that's the point?


A717978 - Africa Blindness

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In light of the recent tragedy, I cannot turn a blind eye on this, as it may have some impact. It certainly has relevance.

Spynxxxsmiley - fullmoon

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A717978 - Africa Blindness

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