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Author: Redz - U191521

revision, the bane of a student's life

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a girl called Ben

I cannot help wondering how Redz did in her (?) exams. I can't ask, because the last time Redz posted was Mar 1, 2003. Another good piece of writing, and a shame that we missed it for AGG/GAG/CAC this summer. Maybe we should put it in in November in honour of the Australian and Newzealander students on site.


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the exams were fine!!
im back...ive not really been away away, just not posted any lengthy thingys for ages, but will do now i have an audience smiley - smiley
cheers for all your comments,
Redz xxx

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Fattylizard - everybody loves an eggbee

Nicely written, and very true in many ways. Thank God my revising days are over. Cheers for the vaguely disturbing memories.

Fattysmiley - dragon

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Pdmatthew - Probably In a corner somewhere with a guitar

Yea I like it, I went through the same problems all the way through highschool. I understand now that the Unis have it right in Scotland and the highschools have it wrong. The unis give you all sorts of assesments (Including exams) to test your abilities, and exams are not the be all and end all, final say in the matter of how good you are. However at highschools they give you exams at the end of the year (Only the exams matter (well for most things) and if you fail then well you fail and you have to go through it all again. Anyways sorry for the rant goodluck, I look forward to seeing more entrys.

d586 smiley - cool

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