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Entry: Inspiration: - A771257
Author: Redz - U191521


A771257 - Inspiration:

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Hya Redz, smiley - smiley


just read this first of your recent rapid-fire volley of 'inspiration'. smiley - ok

First thought is that the one word title thing may work against you. Just my view, but in a piece where you are going to allow yourself to roam freely through your personal associations, it is good to have the title reflect that.

I'm not expecting a full run-down of the history of sellotape when i read that piece, but the title suggests that i *should* expect just that. Seewotimean?

One specific phrase that stumped me -

Take humans for example, as we all know what they are, even we are not one ourselves!

I enjoyed reading this, though, smiley - cheers

Carry on enjoying yourself on h2g2.


A771257 - Inspiration:

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Another of Redz humourous observational pieces.

This doesn't look like it needs much work to be UG ready either

A771257 - Inspiration:

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Since it got such a good response the last time I commented on it ( god was it so long ago) I am pushing this up to get it better recognised. I still enjoy reading this, and it is a inspiration dare I say it.

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