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A762923 - Circle Theory:

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Entry: Circle Theory: - A762923
Author: Redz - U191521

um, can someone kind of read this thingy i wrote, if theyre not too busy. thank you.

A762923 - Circle Theory:

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Hiya Redz, smiley - ok

yeah, I can see where you're coming from... I think. smiley - smiley

Glad you fancied dropping some thoughts into the AWW. I popped over to your space and had a quick look - see you're fairly new here and a big DNA fan. Hope you like it here. smiley - cheers

Was it you had read the 'Salmon of Doubt' book? If so, I'd like to know what it *is*. That may sound like an odd question but I don't really know. Is it a further A Dent installment? I could probably be thrown off h2g2 for not knowing, but since you seem to be in the know...

As for the 'instability' of the universe... well, not to worry, I say! smiley - biggrin


The Salmon of Doubt

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Thanks for reading my thing so quickly!!

As for The Salmon of Doubt, you can be forgiven for not knowing what it is, as it was only published earlier this year, and i've only seen it one bookshop so far. And also, people dont expect a deceased author to manage to publish another book!!

It is an intriguing collection of short articles and speeches by Douglas Adams for the first part, with topics ranging from his conservation work to his computer, and a couple of short stories. The second part is a further installment to the Dirk Gently books, but is sadly unfinished, though definately worth the read.

Thanks again,

The Salmon of Doubt

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If you get down to within atoms, there's so much space between the nucleus and electrons (etc) compared to the size of the elctrons and stuff, that most of it is nothing.

This works with time, too. In theory there's an infinite amount of time, so compared to, say, the total age of the universe (past and present) most things don't exist.

Not that I know anyting about physics, but it does make you think.

Also I don't know if I'd rather have not had the incomplete Dirk Gently book. It was just getting interesting, the it stops. And will never be finished. Which makes me sad.

The Salmon of Doubt

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yes, i know exactly waht you mean!! i really want to know what would have happened next, but i suppose we should just be happy that what is in the book has been retrieved from the computer, its just a shame that no one can retrieve his thoughts as to the end of the novel.
ah, but thats life,
dont panic!!

The Salmon of Doubt

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Does anyone know any good mediums?

The Salmon of Doubt

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a girl called Ben

smiley - ghost

I like this; the science is lousy, the theorising weak, but it is very fresh, extremely honest, and it reads like someone musing out-loud onto paper. As I said, I like it.

Thanks for posting it Redz.


The Salmon of Doubt

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I think a move back is in order if only for the fact that it didn't really do it for me and the author is a 14 month elvis

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