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A88039740 - What Started the Civil War, by a Contemporary Eyewitness

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor

Entry: What Started the Civil War, by a Contemporary Eyewitness - A88039740
Author: Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor - U1590784

This is probably going to bore the socks off everybody. Here's why I did it, anyway:

People are having arguments about this stuff without knowing much about it. It might be helpful to have a decent summary.

Also, the Edited Guide is often used for homework help. I'd like the schoolkids to be able to use this.

Finally, that book has lots of interesting illustrations. I'm going to read the rest of it now.

So sorry for the yawn-worthiness of all this.

smiley - dragon

A88039740 - What Started the Civil War, by a Contemporary Eyewitness

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SashaQ - happysad

Thanks DG

We already have something in the Edited Guide A3245140 but an eyewitness account is distinct from that smiley - ok

Wearing my Editor hat, though, I wonder if this meets the <./>writing-guidelines</.>,... The annotations are good, but it is a very large block of copied text... I see an edition of Hardtack and Coffee was published in 1993, so I wonder whether there would be any copyright issues. What does your Editor hat think?

I hope you enjoy the rest of the book, and don't yawn enough to go to sleep while you're reading!

A88039740 - What Started the Civil War, by a Contemporary Eyewitness

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor

I realise that reprinted copies of this book are still being sold - the re-enactors alone would make it a profitable market, I suspect. I got this from the 1887 edition, which would make it public domain, as far as I can tell. smiley - huh archive.org lists it as 'not in copyright'. I believe the people who reprint these things rely on their public domain status - if Mr Billings' heirs haven't renewed the copyright, they probably have no claim.

But if it's worrisome, I will gladly withdraw this one and stick it in the Post.

Also, I will gladly withdraw this and stick it in the Post if you don't like the idea of annotated texts being in the Edited Guide. Or if you think the Civil War debate is too provincial and 'niche'...or for any reason at all. Just say the word and I'll take it out.

The book gets better after that - an entry on the Sibley tent is incoming - fewer quotes and more jokes. smiley - laugh Also shorter.

A88039740 - What Started the Civil War, by a Contemporary Eyewitness

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You can call me TC

I haven't read the entry yet, so would like to point out that nowhere does either the title of the entry nor anything in this thread indicate which civil War we are talking about here. If I didn't know that Dimitri was based in the States, I would assume the English civil War.

Off to read it now and solve the mystery.

A88039740 - What Started the Civil War, by a Contemporary Eyewitness

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor

Good point! I forgot to put that in the title! smiley - doh Thanks!

A88039740 - What Started the Civil War, by a Contemporary Eyewitness

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My smiley - 2cents, for whatever (if anything) they're worth is that having a variety of different types of entry in the Guide is a good thing. Maybe for the sake of clarity using blockquotes and/or italics will suffice if it is felt that having a chunk of copied text is confusing?

I agree with TC that my assumption of reading the title is 'English Civil War' (you know, that war that was so civil in England that it resulted in slaughter in Scotland and genocide in Ireland). But then there are about 200 countries on smiley - earth and virtually all of them have had at least one civil war. Only the roughly 270 million people in the US automatically assume 'Civil War' = 'US Civil War'. Which due to human stupidity is not even the deadliest civil war, with the Russian, two Chinese, two Ethiopian, Spanish, Sudanese and Nigerian Civil Wars all having higher death tolls. Nor was it the biggest civil war taking place on the planet at the time, with the Chinese (Taiping) Civil War even worse. It is just the one that Hollywood has heard of…


A88039740 - What Started the US Civil War, by a Contemporary Eyewitness

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor

Blockquote and/or italics would be fine, what say you, Sasha? smiley - bigeyes I bow to Guide Editor wisdom on this.

You're right, of course, about the humongous number of civil wars on the planet. Not putting it in the title was a serious oversight on my part - but I did explain it in the introduction. I changed the title now.

When we lived in Greece, we assumed any talk about 'the civil war' referred to the one they had, which wasn't much fun, either. I had students who told me hair-raising tales about their grandparents and bandits in the mountains...

At the moment, this particular civil war is causing a lot of political wrangling, which is why I thought the Guide could use this - there's a lot of talk about whether to teach it in school, and if so, whose version. There should really be a statue of limitations on these things, but there's not.

That said, I've only done two entries relating to the English Civil War - A87870810 and A87901563 At least I know where Maryland is, but I don't know anything about the sites in England. Anybody with a local connection ready to take on one of the battles there? smiley - bigeyes

Let's hope Hollywood doesn't learn about the English Civil War. They'd throw in a torrid love affair between Oliver Cromwell and his incredibly sexy female analyst, who was there to help him deal with his self-esteem issues due to facial warts...the analyst would be played by Kiera Knightley and Cromwell by Adam Driver...

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