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A87973555 - Leicester City Football Club - Premier League Champions 2015-16

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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Entry: Leicester City Football Club - Premier League Champions 2015-16 - A87973555
Author: SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad' - U9936370

Here's an Entry about one of my favourite football teams smiley - biggrin

It is a challenge to write this kind of Entry, so I hope I found the right balance between detail and information, but let me know if there is anything you think could be tightened up to make this as readable as possible for football fans and non-fans smiley - ok

A87973555 - Leicester City Football Club - Premier League Champions 2015-16

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I must admit I'm not in the slightest bit interested in smiley - football - one mainland team playing another mainland team doesn't seem to be any of my business. I had heard the fuss a few years ago when the Leicester City Football team won the very thing that they were trying to win by doing their jobs and playing the game that they're paid to play, and that this somehow is surprising. (I would have been surprised if they'd inadvertently and serendipitously done something unrelated to smiley - football such as cured cancer, but no – apparently footballers playing smiley - football is of note.)

I did wonder two things. Firstly, is there a Leicester City Women's/Ladies Team? (Please be assured that I am as equally disinterested in women's football as I am in men's, but if one exists I think it should be mentioned.)
Also, of the team who played in the year that won the cup and/or league thing smiley - tea, how many of 'em were born/raised in Leicestershire? I gather Linekar the Crispy One was. Were I inclined to like a footballer then I gather that he'd be a good one to on the basis that he played fairly and for his home team. And unlike Mariah Carey or Jacob Rees-Mogg, he is actually capable of eating smiley - crisps.


Oh, how can you have 'one of my favourite' teams? I thought it worked on a:
'is this your home team? If 'Yes' – they're your favourite, if 'No' – they're not your favourite' basis.smiley - huh

A87973555 - Leicester City Football Club - Premier League Champions 2015-16

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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Thanks for reading, <BB< even though it is about smiley - footballsmiley - ok

Their win was surprising, because it is like many sports where there can be only one winner so for quite a few people/teams it's the taking part that counts - staying in the league has been an achievement for LCFC sometimes smiley - ok
Good questions - I see there are indeed a Ladies' and Women's team so I added that in smiley - ok The other question is harder - of the 33 players who were in the winning squad, 6 had joined the first team from the Youth Team and 2 of those were known to have been born in Leicestershire. I added mention of award winners from that season instead smiley - ok

Yeah, smiley - football can be rather... tribal (for want of a better word) but I'm not such a dedicated smiley - football fan myself, so I have a few favourites - I follow the progress of Leicester because I have been to two of their matches (one at Filbert Street and one at the smiley - crisps Stadium), I followed Celtic for a while because Martin O'Neill went there from Leicester, I followed Bayern Munich for a while because I went through a phase of wearing football shirts and liked their kit, I follow Liverpool because they are local and I have been to Anfield, and I follow teams on the South Coast of England because my 'in-laws' do smiley - laugh

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A87973555 - Leicester City Football Club - Premier League Champions 2015-16

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