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A87899170 - The Ultimate Illumination Film Guide: 2015-2019

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Entry: The Ultimate Illumination Film Guide: 2015-2019 - A87899170
Author: Bluebottle - U43530

May the celebrations of 2020 continue!


A87899170 - The Ultimate Illumination Film Guide: 2015-2019

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SashaQ - happysad

Yay Minions! I like how we watch the same films and each pick out different points from them smiley - biggrin

I didn't pay attention to Bechdel Test issues when I watched Minions, so that 'narrow pass' intrigues me. Your attention to background detail continues to impress - given that scenes are set in New York and London, I didn't notice that the fire hydrants were in London as well!

"At one point the Minions visit a theatre which is hosting a Sing! show, which other than the title has no connection with the earlier film of that name and does not feature recurring characters." - this means that none of the characters from Sing! are in the cameo Sing! show?

"This leads to a constant nervous tick and dog cone." - a constant nervous tic that means he has to wear a dog cone?

I enjoyed Secret Life of Pets last Christmas, so I will look out for the sequel - sounds similarly entertaining! smiley - ok

A87899170 - The Ultimate Illumination Film Guide: 2015-2019

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We're different people so it is inevitable we'll have both similarities and differences – diversity and comparisons is part of what makes the smiley - earth goes round. smiley - biggrin

The narrow pass for Minions is because the mum Madge Nelson asks her daughter Tina Nelson what she wants to do at Villain Con and she replies.

Incidentally, in the UK fire hydrants are subterranean and can be found discreetly beneath a yellow hatch. They are easily located by locating yellow signs adorned with a black H which feature two numbers – the diameter of the water main and the distance the hydrant is from the sign.

At some point I'll have to add a few more song links smiley - musicalnotesmiley - handcuffs


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A87899170 - The Ultimate Illumination Film Guide: 2015-2019

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