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A87946519 - 'Tremors' - the Film Series

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Entry: 'Tremors' - the Film Series - A87946519
Author: Bluebottle - U43530

This entry may well be a real smiley - canofworms.


A87946519 - 'Tremors' - the Film Series

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SashaQ - happysad

smiley - laugh

Great opening quote smiley - laugh - sounds like A13064924smiley - snork

"the graboids gave 'birth' by being eaten from the insides by three to six 'Shriekers'."

Does that mean the Shriekers enable the Graboids to reproduce, or does it mean the Shriekers reproduce using the Graboids? Ah, I see the Shriekers 'are' Graboids in a sense... How about "the graboids 'give birth' to three to six 'Shriekers' by being eaten from the inside."?

"'Help me Rhonda, help - help me Rhonda!'" - when does Kevin Bacon say that?

"Jodi Chang, a presumably but unspecified relative of Walter Chang5" - I think this needs to be moved further down, as we don't know about the television series yet.

"Why doesn't Rita wear underwear in the Arctic Circle? Can Gummer survive battle with parasitic infection, subterranean monsters and the taxman?" smiley - snork

smiley - ok

A87946519 - 'Tremors' - the Film Series

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Thanks for reading – I've made a couple of tweaks as suggested.

Tragically Kevin Bacon doesn't say 'Help me Rhonda' once - despite it being a number one hit for the Beach Boys. Really a wasted opportunity. What's the point of having a character called Rhonda in one of these sort of films if you don't say it, eh?


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A87946519 - 'Tremors' - the Film Series

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