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A87956752 - Things Your Car Dealer Won't Tell You

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Alan Pandew

Entry: Things Your Car Dealer Won't Tell You - A87956752
Author: Alan Pandew - U15004525

Things Your Car Dealer Won't Tell You

A87956752 - Things Your Car Dealer Won't Tell You

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Welcome to h2g2, Alan!

While there's clearly some good advice in this, sadly it comes across a little like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or an advert for a website disguised as an entry, rather than purely an entry in itself. If the link at the end is removed it certainly has potential (I see you've commented on another entry without including a link to your/this website), so there is hope.
(So, correct me if I've got this wrong, but your user name is Alan and you are a biologist, yet this is written by a Richard, director of a tyre company, and in your other post you've said you are an inexperienced driver who has a car with weak steering? Forgive me, but this comes across as potentially contradictory.)

At the moment the entry is very specific in its outlook. For example, not every country uses Indian Rupees. Even sentences such as 'Cars are becoming expensive every day' don't necessarily apply universally; here in the UK prices are dropping from the new car market as people aren't risking spending large sums of money due to Brexit uncertainty. And the font colour really doesn't work in all of h2g2's skins, such as Goo. So while it is great that you are keen to get the hang of GuideML, changing skin colour isn't the best thing to experiment with.

But there is certainly potential and some useful material in here, with used car dealers universal in their aim of making as much money smiley - 2cents as possible.

So please prove my suspicions wrong and I'll be happy to help you work towards making this an excellent entry.


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A87956752 - Things Your Car Dealer Won't Tell You

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