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A87937681 - Mad Max - the post-apocalyptic movies

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Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor

Entry: Mad Max - the post-apocalyptic movies - A87937681
Author: Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor - U1314679

This Entry is the result of a kind of 'research project' for which my husband and I watched all the Mad Max movies in one week to see what we missed. We quite enjoyed most of it.

I know this Entry isn't quite finished yet but I don't really know how to get on. Please help.

A87937681 - Mad Max - the post-apocalyptic movies

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I like your idea of a research project! smiley - biggrin
I like this Entry. It's both informative and concise, it gives the most important information while not giving it all away.

Maybe you could elaborate on the references / inspiration?
A few more examples of works that drew their inspiration from Mad Max, and a few examples of ideas in Fury Road that come from other works? Could be completely separate paragraphs from the presentation of each film.

Or, if there are any other links like Hugh Keays-Byrne? Any other actors appearing in several of them? Are they completely different characters or similar in some way, or the same person?

I hope that helps smiley - smiley

A87937681 - Mad Max - the post-apocalyptic movies

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*violent biker gangs*?

The opening scene featuring Max's V8 Interceptor car chases down Nightrider's car...most of the adapted vehicles used by Toecutter's tribe are trucks or cars, with the iconic Zed 1000/900 as featured motorcycles both for the MFP and the tribes.

Max looks more like a biker than most of the villians in all of the movies. Most of the gang leaders move around on four/six or eight wheels.

I think *violent biker gangs* is way off the mark for this franchise.

A87937681 - Mad Max - the post-apocalyptic movies

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Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor

Thanks SF, I'll work on it. smiley - smiley

FWR, I guess you are right. smiley - erm Could you maybe help me with a better description?

A87937681 - Mad Max - the post-apocalyptic movies

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*ruthless mechanised nomadic tribes*

*Mobile gangs of heavily armed gasoline thieves*

*Marauding cyber-punk petrolheads*


*Dubiously and outrageously attired thugs* smiley - tongueincheek

Anything but the smiley - biker stereotype please! smiley - cheers

On a personal note, I thought the first was best, then went downhill rapidly...why would refinery workers dress in white? Fury was such a disappointed after so long a wait.

And Bruce Spence appeared in two films too, playing two great characters!

A87937681 - Mad Max - the post-apocalyptic movies

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Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor

smiley - rofl thanks, I'll pick one

For me the best was the 3rd. You are right, the white costumes in the 2nd weren't good and that one girl looked too much like 1980s aerobic class to me. smiley - winkeye
I didn't like the 1st one. It was too cheap for my taste and just very strange plot-wise. But I agree Fury Road wasn't good it was too over the top. Special effects over story.

You're right about Bruce Spence of course!smiley - ok

A87937681 - Mad Max - the post-apocalyptic movies

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It's funny - people who ride bikes are bikers smiley - biker, people who drive lorries and trucks are truckers, but people who drive cars aren't carers smiley - nurse

<BB< <- who enjoyed reading the entry but hasn't seen any of the films.

A87937681 - Mad Max - the post-apocalyptic movies

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SashaQ - happysad

I've not seen these films, either, so I learned a lot from this Entry.

"It is one of the films you expect to be shown late at night and which you watch for 10 minutes before changing the chanel. " smiley - snorksmiley - ok

Mad Max 2 was released in North America without Mad Max in the title - was it in Europe that it had Mad Max in the title? Where you mention the 1980s touch, the phrase about the aerobic class would be great smiley - laugh and you can link to A3768762

Ah, yes - your descriptions reminded me of what I had read about Waterworld, so I am pleased to see the link is in there smiley - ok I like the description of the links to Fallout, too smiley - ok

"Fury Road in many places gives the impression of turning things the other way round. It seems to take back ideas from the works it once inspired." - well put smiley - ok

Strong concluding section smiley - ok Is there maybe a quote of some sort that you can use for the final header?

A87937681 - Mad Max - the post-apocalyptic movies

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Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor

smiley - laugh good observation BB and thank you

smiley - biggrin thanks Sasha

I'll make all the changes as soon as I can, thanks to all of you for reading and commenting smiley - smiley

A87937681 - Mad Max - the post-apocalyptic movies

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Thank you for making me watch the original again!

Not that strange or unexplained at all in my view. The storyline is simply about loss.

A warning that civilization is crumbling, loss of resources, loss of law and order, the MFP fighting a losing battle against crime and a corrupt system.

A few dedicated officers forced into a rather lawless vendetta against the criminals after Goose is murdered. Max fighting to retain some sense of right and wrong, until the loss of his family.

All rules are finally lost as he pursues the murderers into the barren lands to avenge his wife and child, and in so doing, loses his identity as an officer (and maybe his sanity), becoming the Road Warrior....

Maybe it's a movie that speaks to different people in different ways, I certainly never want to turn over after ten minutes!

Sadly, as the budgets improved, the movies became just more over the top special effects crash em ups. Now they were strange and unexplainable!

A87937681 - Mad Max - the post-apocalyptic movies

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(smiley - offtopicPeople who drive trains aren't trainers either...)


A87937681 - Mad Max - the post-apocalyptic movies

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What did make me grin was the fact that,for a murderous bunch of psychotic cop killing, family slaughtering criminals,every single one of them was careful to obey the helmet laws!

What did make me cry was those beautiful zeds getting trashed! Oh for the days when a 1000cc bike was considered big!

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A87937681 - Mad Max - the post-apocalyptic movies

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