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A87929941 - Normality Orange

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Entry: Normality Orange - A87929941
Author: Bemused - U15003558

In this writing extravaganza I take aim at Norman Normal and an orange tinted political carnival ape.

A87929941 - Normality Orange

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Caiman raptor elk - Infinity lies outside the box

Interesting piece. Slightly provocative in a good way. It provokes further thought.

Such as:

Normal or normative behaviour is a group process and a point of view.
Basically you have macro normal (Humanity agreement) and micro normal (just us against the world), and possibly the very dangerous "virtual normal" (I think this is expected of me, although nobody actually told me.)

I have found proof that exactly normal does not exist, in the way our primary schools grade kids. They use a Gauss curve which is divided such that the average value is the boundary between two categories. So by definition, you can either be below average or above average, but never "exactly average" (whatever that means).

I have regular discussions with my autistic son about the meaning of "normal". However wide I define the bandwidth of what is normal / acceptable, he always finds ways to stretch those to breaking point.

A87929941 - Normality Orange

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It is very thought-provoking but I wonder whether it would be more appropriate for smiley - thepost <./>thepost</.> rather than the Edited Guide?


A87929941 - Normality Orange

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Caiman raptor elk - Infinity lies outside the box

I agree.

A87929941 - Normality Orange

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I wondered on that, briefly. But then I considered that because we coexist in a time where 'normality' as we all knew it a few decadent decades ago has gone like a dream maybe if the Guide is to be a real guide then it should have its place?

Greta Thunberg (15 going on 51) has managed in gentle yet precise ways to completely upstage the entire neo-lib political establishment in ways unimaginable until very recently because she cuts right down to the base line of our rotting world order.

If the guide is only a self reflective colour supplement for Sundays and doctors surgeries waiting rooms then that is a sad indictment of currently (and only just) alive humans.

A87929941 - Normality Orange

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Caiman raptor elk - Infinity lies outside the box

With "I agree" I meant also wondering about whether it would be more suitable for the Post. I was not saying that it cannot be an edited entry. That is up to you. (I'm not even in a position to decide you can't, some editors might do that though)

There is such a thing as normality (or not, as you are trying to tell) But there is also something called anarchy, and everything in between.

I have yet to find out where / what the boundaries of the formats Guide vs. Post are...

Isn't peer review all about self reflection?

A87929941 - Normality Orange

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I agree that the question 'what do we mean by normal?'is an interesting one. If you took a sample of 1000 people, you would find drug addicts, alcoholics, gamblers, people suffering from anxiety, depression, anorexia and other mental problems and lots of people struggling with debt, as well as drop outs, revolutionaries and criminals. But I think you're asking a rather different question: in our mixed-up society, is it rational to conform to the set norms?

However, I have written for both the Post and the Edited Guide.Edited Guide articles are meant to be factual, although a certain amount of personal experience and opinion may be allowed. The Post takes fiction, poetry and essays. I think your piece counts as an essay.

A87929941 - Normality Orange

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

Yes, this is definitely Post material. If you like, send it to postteamhg-at-gmail-dot-com. smiley - smiley We'd be glad to run it.

A87929941 - Normality Orange

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Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor

Maybe to get a feel for what Guide Entries are about you should read some and maybe also read some Peer Review threads. I agree that this one is rather suitable for the post.

If you really want to make this a Guide Entry 'normality' could actually be an interesting topic. I would suggest the following:

- Do some research about what philosophers and/or scientiests have to say about normality.
- How does 'normality' change throughout history? Maybe find some examples.
-Does normality have something to do with statistics maybe? I mean, I guess if a lot of people do something it is considered normal? There must be something.

Take your time. smiley - smiley Writing a Guide Entry is not something you do in an hour. It can take months to get it right! smiley - winkeye

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A87929941 - Normality Orange

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