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A87907738 - parkruns of the Isle of Wight and Hampshire

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Entry: parkruns of the Isle of Wight and Hampshire - A87907738
Author: Bluebottle - U43530

This entry is for parkrunners everywhere (well, on the Isle of Wight and in Hampshire).


A87907738 - parkruns of the Isle of Wight and Hampshire

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SashaQ - happysad - Editor

I didn't think this Entry would be quite my cup of tea, although I am proud to be able to say I have done a 5k event myself, but I found it strangely fascinating seeing the parkrun stats gathered together smiley - bigeyes Thanks for writing this - it will be an asset to parkrun tourists! smiley - ok

I did have a few questions as I read through:

The introduction is informative, but the first paragraph is a bit repetitive and perhaps could be reordered to read more smoothly. I suggest something like:

"parkrun1 is an organisation that runs free, weekly, 5K (3 mile) long timed runs. These events are held in parks all around the world every Saturday at 9am and are open to everyone equally, regardless of whether you are able to run or wish to walk. There are 1,200 events in 17 different countries around the world, over 500 of which are in the UK. The first parkrun was held in Bushy Park in London in 2004. Other parks in London and nationwide joined in 2007, and the organisation spread internationally in 2009."

"Average SSS What is the SSS & out of 472, how hilly is the course?"

I think this could be clarified to say How difficult is the course? as SSS is a measure of difficulty. Do you mean 'how hilly is the course?' there, or is the second number actually another measure of difficulty?

Can you format the table so the row headings are all left justified? Looks a bit strange to me with the headers floating while the information is left justified. Especially important in the Glossary table

"The Isle of Wight only has one parkrun, however it is unusual in that it frequently moves location." smiley - laughA87884563

Perhaps just say "The Isle of Wight's only parkrun is unusual in that it frequently moves location"

Does Medina parkrun not have a Gradient classification?

You could be kind to the Sub-editor and put all your Inaugural Run dates into House Style eg 7 May, 2011 please smiley - grovel

I see you sometimes put 2 and sometimes Two in relation to laps.

I see you have taken away things from the table at different points - the Railway Station row asks "Is there a train station nearby?" so I guess the answer is "No" when the table doesn't have such a row.

Andover is interesting - a flat course, but comparatively difficult with an SSS of 3...

Basingstoke is also interesting - undulating yet has a lower Gradient classification than Andover... You've introduced new rows into the Basingstoke table, but I think it would sit better if you just add a paragraph underneath the table to say "National Cycle Route 23 runs through War Memorial Park. Maybe the definition of Challenge would sit nicely in the introduction paragraph "Runners times..." and then you can describe the Stayin' Alive challenge underneath the Basingstoke table.

The Brockenhurst section needs attention as there's some repetition there! Novel navigation by underwear, though smiley - laugh

Does Southsea have a Gradient classification of 1? smiley - bigeyes

I'm not sure the definition of Playing Field is helpful, but then I wonder if it is a technical term. Is promrun a technical term, too?

You define Ruling Gradient, but don't use it elsewhere - is that actually what you have called Gradient?

smiley - ok

A87907738 - parkruns of the Isle of Wight and Hampshire

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Did I say that I claim the honour of being the first person to have whistled round every parkrun course on the Isle of Wight and in Hampshire? smiley - runsmiley - whistlesmiley - musicalnotesmiley - nur

Thanks for reading this – this was another entry that I didn't know how well would work or interest other people, but contains all the information that I'd want to know.

I've reworded the introduction and Medina section. I suspect that Medina doesn't have a Gradient classification because I believe it is based on lots of runners sharing their GPS barometric data in order to give a combined overall picture, and the Medina parkrun course moves. If the data comes from runners completing completely different courses, then the combined information would be gibberish.

Ruling Gradient – I use it on the 'parkruns of West Yorkshire' entry I've started but you're right, I've not used it here.

You're right – if there isn't a railway station nearby, I've not included that line in the table – I've added a note to explain. I've also moved National Cycle Routes into the text too.

Andover is indeed a flat course with a comparatively difficult SSS of 3. Basingstoke undulates a little – but is all tarmac while Andover is predominantly grass with some tarmac. That's where it gets deceptive because the grass section also involves running along (not up) a slope. So technically as far as altitude is concerned it is indeed flat – you aren't ascending or descending at all, but your left leg has further to go to reach the ground then your right leg.

How hilly the course is is only one measure of difficulty. In some ways, running up an even slope isn't that difficult – you can get into a rhythm and keep going. You won't be going fast, true, but I find it much easier than running on large, stony shingle or sand on a beach or on cobblestones – even though they are on a flat course. (We won't mention ice, both black and normal). As well as gradient and running surface, another difficulty is how crowded the course is – if you are boxed in by other runners you won't be able to run at your own pace, which feels unnatural. You can also get flat twisty-turny zig-zagging courses that wind round trees, streams and other obstacles – although they are flat, you can't get into a rhythm as you are constantly chopping and changing.

As for Southsea – it is completely flat, a 2.5k straight line there, 2.5k straight line back on tarmac and concrete, you'd think 'easy peasy' but no – running against that wind can be a real challenge, I'd much rather run up QE's hill.

I've added a bit more about 'playing field'. I wouldn't say it is a technical term, but people do describe parkruns by saying, 'My home run is X, it's a playing field' which means you know it is a likely to be flat, fast grass course, possibly muddy in winter, but not overly scenic.


A87907738 - parkruns of the Isle of Wight and Hampshire

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Although there are quite a few parkruns around Hampshire, these are some of the most remote parkruns on smiley - earth:


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A87907738 - parkruns of the Isle of Wight and Hampshire

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