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A87907549 - 'The Beano' - the Comic

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Entry: 'The Beano' - the Comic - A87907549
Author: Bluebottle - U43530

Flea Market Rescue of:
Entry: A Brief History of The Beano (and a bit of The Dandy) - A1071569
Author: Matthew Mattic - U185009
With: Optical Illusion U231227
And: JulesK U649222
Also: Aximili U4646274

On 30 July 'The Beano' will celebrate its 80th anniversary!
This entry is written in the hope it'll make the Front Page in time.
I had a good collection of 'Beano', 'Dandy' and 'Beezer' dating from the mid-70s to mid-80s – including the issues where Gnasher is missing and Gnipper was born. But alas they were given awaysmiley - wah


A87907549 - 'The Beano' - the Comic

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The Beano also lacked many of the characters that are synonymous with it now; Dennis the Menace, Rodger the Dodger and Minnie the Minx only arriving in the golden years of the 1950s.

This should have a comma, not a semicolon, after 'now'.

The quote from Maggie Thatcher should have em dashes, not a hyphen followed by a comma

Over the years they have given enjoyment to countless numbers of children and the characters in their pages&mdash;such as Desperate Dan and Minnie the Minx&mdash;have become household names.

She mentions Desperate Dan but the list of characters omits him. I remember Grandpa with affection; I hoped I would grow up to be like him eventually, and eventually, I have smiley - cool

A87907549 - 'The Beano' - the Comic

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Thanks for those comments – I've made some changes and will double-check exactly what Margaret Thatcher wrote later to see whether she did in fact use a hyphen followed by a comma (presumably because she was paranoid that hyphens would threaten her if they grew too powerful through overuse). Still, I've added a footnote in her bit to explain that Desperate Dan is a character from The Beano's sister comic The Dandy.

I hope you don't mind that I've added your quote about Grandpa and you have an 'Additional Research By' credit too.


A87907549 - 'The Beano' - the Comic

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That's grand. Forgot Dan was Dandy... glad to be associated with Grandpa memories.

A87907549 - 'The Beano' - the Comic

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SashaQ - happysad - Editor

Well rescued smiley - ok and excellent idea to celebrate the anniversary smiley - ok

I'll give it a thorough readthrough now to help speed it towards the Front Page smiley - ok

Your introduction is dense with information but could be tweaked for clarity, eg:

"The Beano is a weekly comic by Dundee-based publishing firm DC1 Thomson and CoDC Thomson and Co was founded in 1905 and is still directed by the Thomson family today.. At its peak The Beano had over two million weekly buyers, with the number of readers reckoned to be much higher. As a comic anthology, each issue contains numerous different stories involving different characters, with recurring and occasional one-off characters too. "

(what does 'directed by' mean? does it mean the Thomson family don't own the business but do sit on the Board of Directors?)

"The best way to learn about The Beano is still to go to a newsagents and come out with £2:75 less than you went in."

£2.75 less than you went in with - need to add 'in 2018' somewhere here, as you found the price goes up quite regularly!

"The Beano was born on the 30 July, 1938 " - "The Beano was born on 30 July, 1938 "

"the early Beano had adventure stories told with text as well as panel stories; these were told with pictures with short paragraphs beneath explaining what was going on. These were usually less cartoony, the characters looking more realistic and detailed and the stories themselves were often more serious. "

The 'these's aren't always referring to the same thing here, I see, so perhaps rephrase eg:

"the early Beano had text-based adventure stories as well as panel stories. The adventure stories were told through short paragraphs beneath pictures showing what was going on. The pictures were usually less cartoony, with more realistic and detailed characters, and the stories themselves were often more serious. "

You mention the golden age of the 1950s twice - I like the phrase "The Beano also lacked many of the characters that are synonymous with it now" but you could perhaps delete the rest of the sentence as it appears later.

"The Bash Street Kids, whose original incarnation was a basically identical story called 'When The Bell Rings'." - what does this mean about a basically identical story?

I like your paragraph about how the comic is made, but it seems a bit out of place somehow... Perhaps move it above the paragraph about DC Thomson, start the paragraph with the sentence As The Beano was published cheaply. Put the bit about the story development where it first begain - was that true from the very early days or only in the 1950s?

"Plug, began, based on the 'Bash Street Kids' character, " - character of the same name?

"This continued until 1998 when they were replaced with the Fun Size Beano." - what is 'they'?

I think Christmas annual should have a capital A on Annual each time to avoid confusion with annual events!

In the Beano Trivia section you need to clarify when 'now' is.

The paragraph starting 'The Beano Campaign' reads strangely...

The paragraph starting 'Even in the 21st Century' perhaps needs to be merged into the History section and the bit about the scarcity of pristine early copies could go into the paragraph about auctions...

Was the national tour of the artwork connected to the 50th Anniversary? If so, the sentence could perhaps be moved up there.

I object to the word 'old' in the description of Jimmy Krankie - he's younger than my mum and was only in his 40s at the time... smiley - laugh

There's something wrong with the Television paragraph... The section would perhaps sit better after the descriptions of the characters and before the Fan Club section.

smiley - book - still need to read the descriptions of the characters...

A87907549 - 'The Beano' - the Comic

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Thanks for those comments – I've made the changes you've suggested, including capitalising Annual books to differentiate them from things that happen every year. It was the bi-annual annuals that were confusing, wasn't it?smiley - headhurtssmiley - huh

£2.75 less than you went in with - need to add 'in 2018' somewhere here
smiley - 2centsYep – in January it cost £2:50 and when the original entry was written it was only 65p. I don't think I can afford to buy 'The Beano' weekly any more…

I changed 'old' to 'fully-grown' when discussing the Krankies – but she always looked much, much older than a schoolboy and didn't fool anyone.


A87907549 - 'The Beano' - the Comic

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SashaQ - happysad - Editor

Thanks <BB< Yes, that is a lot to pay out per week these days... Not sure how much pocket money people get nowadays, but that is surely a substantial proportion of the average...

"she always looked much, much older than a schoolboy and didn't fool anyone."

smiley - flustered She fooled me smiley - flustered if fooled is the right word... (fascinating that I have accepted people are who they say they are from an early age! - or perhaps that I have long been gullible, as I'm not sure now what The Krankies show was supposed to be about...) smiley - laugh

A87907549 - 'The Beano' - the Comic

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SashaQ - happysad - Editor

Ahem... back to the business of reading the Entry...

I'm still not clear about the Bash Street Kids - the kids were called 'When the bell rings'? smiley - huh

"Biffo the Bear was the second cover star in 1948-1974" - what does this mean? He was the second character ever to appear on the cover, and was the only character to appear on the cover during those 26 years?

I presume Bea the Mini-Menace is Dennis' sister, not Gnasher's...

Lord Snooty's paragraph needs a tweak, as I first read it as describing his new friends rather than his original friends.

smiley - ok Excellent use of quotes, and I like the concluding paragraph

A87907549 - 'The Beano' - the Comic

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Thanks for finishing reading this - I'm happy to announce I've made a couple more tweaks, so it should read much better now.


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A87907549 - 'The Beano' - the Comic

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