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Entry: Favourite Festive Films - A87901860
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If you don't want to read it all, but just want to skim-read the bits about films you know, isn't it easier to have it all in one place? Nothing more annoying than clickbait pages where you have to load ten pages to get to the bit you actually want to read and most of the time it just isn't worth the hassle of scrolling to the link and clicking 'Next' again and again. It's much easier to have it all in one place rather than split the entry into multiple pages, such as:
'Favourite Festive Films: A-E'
'Favourite Festive Films: F-J'
'Favourite Festive Films: K-O'
'Favourite Festive Films: P-T'
'Favourite Festive Films: U-Z'
Who would read all that lot?

Or am I right in thinking you are suggesting this is divided into 'True Christmas Films' and 'Inferior Christmas Films'? The whole entry is about how different people have different definitions of what a festive film is, and so they should. Everyone is unique and has their own views, opinions and traditions. Were I to start pronouncing judgements on which are 'True' Christmas films and have those contributions in the 'True Christmas Films' entry, and which aren't real Christmas films and so relegate other people's contributions to the 'Not Quite Christmas Films' entry it would go against the whole entry's aim of bringing everyone and their views together.


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A87901860 - Favourite Festive Films

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