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A87894878 - Frank Laubach: Teaching the World to Read

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

Entry: Frank Laubach: Teaching the World to Read - A87894878
Author: Dmitri Gheorgheni - U1590784

Today is International Literacy Day, which inspired me to read a couple of books by Frank Laubach, the literacy pioneer.

I decided we needed an entry on him - he's one of the coolest characters of the 20th Century, and the only American missionary to have been on a US postage stamp.

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A87894878 - Frank Laubach: Teaching the World to Read

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SashaQ - happysad - Editor

I enjoyed this Entry - very interesting perspectives smiley - ok

"ESL" - I think that's now called ESOL

"Then he puzzled out ways to write down Zulu clicks." - interesting. I went to a talk by a professor of languages a few years ago, and learned about an Asian language with tongue clicks in it but didn't see it written down. smiley - biggrin

A87894878 - Frank Laubach: Teaching the World to Read

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

Thanks for reading, Sasha! smiley - smiley

One of my professors taught us to pronounce the name Xhosa, which has a click in it. I don't think I do it really well, though. smiley - winkeye It's fun to expand our repertoire of sounds that mean something, isn't it? I think there was one mentioned that sounded like the sound you make when you want a horse to 'giddyup'.

I'm thinking I'll stick with ESL for the footnote. ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Languages - is a new term. As I understand it, it was invented by people teaching English in English-speaking countries to people with different native languages as a clarification. I've taught EFL (English as Foreign Language) and ESL (English as Second Language) both in non-English-speaking countries (Germany and Greece) as well as in the United States to immigrants and foreign visitors.

A87894878 - Frank Laubach: Teaching the World to Read

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SashaQ - happysad - Editor

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Ah, I didn't know that about ESOL. I'm wondering if EAL (English as an Additional Language) is the abbreviation I was thinking of (I read somewhere that ESL as an abbreviation was discontinued because of the case of English not being the second language of people fluent in two or more languages)...

No problem, though - it is clear what the sentence means smiley - ok

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A87894878 - Frank Laubach: Teaching the World to Read

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