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A87867670 - The Ultimate Marvel Film Guide: 2010-2014

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Entry: The Ultimate Marvel Film Guide: 2010-2014 - A87867670
Author: Bluebottle - U43530

Thwack! Pow! Eee-urp!*


* 'Eee-urp!' is, of course, from Avengers episode 'The Winged Avenger'.

A87867670 - The Ultimate Marvel Film Guide: 2010-2014

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SashaQ - happysad - Editor

An excellent read - you watched these movies so I don't have to smiley - laugh

Great humour in the Kick Ass description smiley - ok Kind of sounds like an interesting film, but also sounds quite violent - is it a 15 certificate?

(Lyndsy Fonesca) - was she also in How I Met Your Mother?

Iron Man 2 needs a little bit more plot description "Russian scientist Ivan Vanko, whose father had worked with Stark's father," - who's Stark? I see later that he is Iron Man, but I didn't know that at first, so it was confusing.

"This was the second and last film to date to be released under the banner of Marvel Knights rather than Marvel, which is reserved for more violent films" - which label is for more violent films? Marvel Knights?

"Peter decides to become a vigilante and track his killer down, wearing a mask to protect his identity, but soon becomes a hero. After Connors is fired, he tries the serum on himself, turning into an insane giant lizard " - I read this first as saying Peter tried the serum...

Interesting to describe Kick Ass 2 as a spoof. The first film was 'irreverent', but was it also a spoof?

"Peter Parker is torn between his feelings for Gwen and wanting to keep her safe. When Harry Osborn's father dies, he inherits the business and learns he has a fatal disease." - again sounds like Peter inherits the business...

In X Men days of future past, Michael Fassbender should be in Bold.

What certificate is Guardians of the Galaxy? You could add a link to Flash Gordon smiley - biggrin

smiley - ok

A87867670 - The Ultimate Marvel Film Guide: 2010-2014

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Thanks for all those comments, I've made changes to all the sections you've highlighted so hopefully they read better now, and will just reply to a couple of the excellent points you raised.

Yes, both 'Kick-Ass' films are 15s in the UK (other countries' classifications may vary; it is rated 18 in Ireland, so probably a 'Down with this sort of thing' on Craggy Island). 'Guardians of the Galaxy' is a BBFC rated 12A and PG-13 in the US (which I think translates as a Craggy Island 'Careful Now')

smiley - huh(Lyndsy Fonesca) - was she also in 'How I Met Your Mother'?
smiley - modI've never watched it, but a quick glance at Wikipedia says that she was. When I started writing these 'Ultimate Guide' entries I decided that I wouldn't mention other films etc that the actors in appear in as otherwise the entry length would just be ridiculous. Even if they starred in 'Doctor Who' or one of my favourite films that I've written about. The sole exception is when they star in other Marvel films; if an actor was in, say, 'Spider-Man' and went on to be in 'X-Men 96' then that would be relevant. Everything outside Marvel films has to be left out.


A87867670 - The Ultimate Marvel Film Guide: 2010-2014

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Gnomon - time to move on

I think the Irish censors care less about sex but more about violence than the British ones.

A87867670 - The Ultimate Marvel Film Guide: 2010-2014

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SashaQ - happysad - Editor

Thanks <BB< smiley - ok

Yes, film ratings are only vague things, as it does depend on specifics as to whether something seems tamer than the rating or not.

Jurassic Park was a good example - it was PG because the violence was not explicitly shown, but because violence happened without being shown, I imagined it instead and scared myself badly... X Men First Class (12A) had a terrible violent scene that triggered me, whereas my partner thought it was not nice but not that bad so she brought me back down to earth.

And on the other hand, the Merchant Ivory film Maurice is classified 15 but I really enjoyed it as it was all very tasteful!

I'll give Kick-Ass a miss then, but might try Guardians of the Galaxy somewhen...

A87867670 - The Ultimate Marvel Film Guide: 2010-2014

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Gnomon - time to move on

This would really benefit from borders on the tables.

I have a set of GuideML attributes you can add to the tables to make them display borders in all skins, but they're cumbersome to add.

The fix which I suggested to the techs more than six months ago would fix the problem in less than 5 minutes (if I'm right), but they don't seem to have got around to it yet. Initially it was because they were working on the sustained attack on the site by a Researcher who "thought he was helping". But once that was sorted, all the techs seem to have gone away.

I'm reluctant to suggest that you do a lot of work to fix this entry when the problem could be fixed by a few minutes' work elsewhere.

A87867670 - The Ultimate Marvel Film Guide: 2010-2014

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Gnomon - time to move on

If you do want the workaround, here it is:

1. Add the following attributes to each table tag:

2. Add the following attributes to each th and td tag:

This uses a medium grey for the lines, which is visible in both standard skins with a white background and Classic Goo which has a dark blue background.

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