Pictures: Music

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The multi-talented Stevie Wonder.
A woman wearing a bowler hat, silhouetted against a bright light.
Musical notes surround an old green bottle.
The wooden scrolls at the top of stringed instruments in silhouette.
A long-haired guitarist - Mick Ronson.
The rock band Queen - officially h2g2's favourite band!
The silhouetted head of rock star Eddie Van Halen
Viv Stanshall - lead singer of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.
A pair of hands creating sweet music with a guitar.
Ethereal singer Kate Bush.
A man playing timpani drums.
A man with two pairs of arms playing loads of keyboards at once.
A spectrum against a black background.
The Beatles today: Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, producer Neil Aspinall, Ringo Starr
Yankee Doodle.
A rock band
A vinyl record
A series of musical instruments
An orchestra
Three lollipops and a sparkly star
A starry electric guitar
The Queen Mother at a window being serenaded by a bagpipes player
Two members of a Mariachi band
Wolf framed by a guitar
From old to new music
The headstock of a guitar
A classical guitar
A hula girl playing the ukulele
A guitar with John Lennon's face on it
Organ pipes with Bach's face on them
A jamming session
A Mr Potato Head happy morning DJ
A violin player
A radio
A mermaid wearing an orange turban and playing the flute underwater
A surreal-looking guitar against a trippy blue background
Man playing a didgeridoo
A clay Didgeridoo
Boys singing Latin phrases
Slide trombones through a window
Scottish dancing
A disco diva wannabe
Ladies dancing
Peter Gabriel dressed up as a red poppy flower holding a microphone
A group of three classical musicians playing, dressed in black tie
Men carrying musical notes climbing a ladder to a musical staff against a moonlit background
Exotic-looking woman playing lute, portrayed in a kind of dream sequence
A baby in the womb which transforms into a taiko drum player
A recorder
The Gallagher brothers from Oasis.
DJ mixing on the turntable.
Led Zeppelin circa 1970s
A castrati singing
Radiohead band members on separate TV screens
A banjo and a fiddle.
People singing in a karaoke room.
Spacey rock chick with big bass guitar.
Neil Young rocking out.
Nick Drake.
George Harrison
Benny Goodman on a disc
Elvis Presley
A man playing a bass guitar
Which one's the one-hit wonder?
An 'Air-Guitarist'
Carol singers
Meat Loaf
A breaker spins on a record
Radio One through the years
Dollar singing around a microphone
Tom Lehrer.
The word 'Yes' in big '70's style type.
Opera glasses showing a conductor and an opera singer
A stream of musical notes pouring out of an Alpine valley.
A bouzouki.
A crowd cheer on a boyband.
A guy playing steel pans.
A 1950s Rocker outside a Drive-in Cinema

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