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2019-02-04 Announcement: Visitor Statistics

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Greetings Stats Fans!

Continuing from the previous thread F21546918?thread=8318733 this thread contains our visitor statistics according to Google Analytics. smiley - geek

Here is the January 2019 Report

The number of unique users was up to 74,700 (compared to 67,600 in December) and the number of pageviews was up by 25% (410,000 vs 325,000). Around 35% of traffic came from the USA and 30% was from the UK. Honourable mentions go to Canada, Australia, India, Germany, the Philippines, Ireland and France.

Traffic to The Post front page was up by 20% (2,100 views). The Daydream Journal showed up in the stats, too (almost 1,000 views)!

Card Games were even more popular this month than last month (4,500 views). 'Mi Amigo: The Fate of a Flying Fortress' was viewed 2,400 times compared to 20 times last month (traffic via national-preservation.com and Facebook). 'Burns Night' was viewed 1,900 times via the BBC.

Apart from the usual suspect Entries (Curry, Name Jokes, Weevils, Enzymes, Baking with a Silicone Mould, The Dangers of Mixing Bleach and Ammonia, and Your Heart) other popular Entries included: 'Medieval England: A Phrase Book', 'Fretless Bass Guitar', 'Line Dancing', 'Ida Wells Makes Noise' and 'The Shang Dynasty'.

How to Speak Gamer and How to Speak Brummie were each 20% more popular than last month with 740 views! A Grammar Entry A655599 in the Flea Market trended, too. Could this be a way of generating a new alien language? smiley - aliensmilesmiley - ufo

2019-02-04 Announcement: Visitor Statistics

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2019-02-04 Announcement: Visitor Statistics

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It sounds like a good distribution of users over the planet. 35% USA, 30% UK, with Australia and Canada and France and Germany and others. Not much Southern hemisphere or Asia (except for India).

2019-02-04 Announcement: Visitor Statistics

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2019-02-04 Announcement: Visitor Statistics

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