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You can call me TC

I do like quizzes and puzzles and have a whole row of tabs open with little games I do every day.

I hope others can add to the list.

The wordy ones:



And a couple I don't do much any more:


Another one called "sedecordle" - I seem to have closed the tab, but you can look for it easily

Foreign wordles:



Then there is the New York Times page with the ubiquitous Wordle. You can play all the games once a day without logging in or paying. This in ludes word games and observation exercises and a connecting wall as on Only Connect.


A further similar grid game is:


Film knowledge


Geographical ones:




There are plenty more of these - try Geoguessr (which I was playing at least 10 years ago in my breaks at work) and Seterra.

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Icy North

Wow - that's a lot of daily puzzles. I love them, but I do find them addictive. I measure my self-control by whether I can give them up as soon as I've mastered them.

A few of them I still pop into regularly, and my favourite is probably Squaredle. That one gives you a world ranking when you complete it, and I've managed to top the list a couple of times. I also came first in Redactle once.

I have a couple of ideas for creating my own puzzle like this. I'll probably get on and finish it one day.

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Baron Grim

I play Wordle & Quordle daily.

My favorite is Waffle.

I prefer it over the others as it doesn't require so much guessing. All the letters are provided and you have to figure out not only the six words, but the most efficient way of swapping letters to solve it.
I'm pretty good at this one.

Another game I play, that sometimes aggravates me is the NYT game, Connections.

You have to arrange 16 words or phrases into 4 groups. Sometimes one group can be rather hard to guess. That's fine if it's the only one because you'll get it by default. But if two groups are hard to determine it gets troublesome.

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Icy North

Connections is well known in the UK as the “Connecting Wall” - a round on the brainy TV quiz show “Only Connect” (I suggest you seek it out if you like this sort of thing).

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SashaQ - happysad

Yes! The BBC used to have a great collection of connecting walls on their website, but they were taken away a few years ago - the NYT version is good smiley - ok. Not that I did well today, because I didn’t understand the answer, never mind the question (cocktails are not my subject)smiley - biggrin

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My best friend & I share our wordle results every day, we live distant from each other so it's a nice way to make sure we stay in touch daily. Then I do three of the other ones the NYT site offers free - spelling bee, letter boxed, and connections. I tend to dip in & out while waiting for the kettle to boil at work smiley - biggrin

Deb smiley - cheerup

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SashaQ - happysad

smiley - ok

I have been enjoying Connections, and had a look at the other daily puzzles today, too - good ones! I enjoyed Vertex, like 'join the dots' smiley - ok

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SashaQ - happysad

Connections today was a stinker - difficult enough with emojis instead of words, but two of the emojis were missing smiley - rofl

I'm a bit late to the Wordle party, but I was pleased to get 42 successes in a row this weekend smiley - biggrin

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You can call me TC

I got two groups in today's grid, and saw three of the next group. The main stumbling block with that puzzle is that it is very American. I know a few Americanisms but some of the solutions are beyond me even when they are revealed.

Of the NYT puzzles, the "Letter Boxed" one I find the most satisfying.

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SashaQ - happysad

Yes, can definitely be tricky with some references in Connections. I was lucky today so I got all four with no problems - the pasta shapes one was the most tricky as I'm more used to the Italian names.

Letter Boxed is not my favourite, but it is clever how it works, restricting possible combinations because of which side of the square the letters are on. I like how it shows the shape of the lines at the end, too! The Mini crossword can be difficult with some US sports and TV questions, but I like how it all fits together compactly. Tiles is a strange one - some of the shapes are difficult to see - but I find it quite satisfying building the chains. The new Strands game is another one I enjoy a lot - good that it gives clues if I don't get the theme straight away.

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I quite like the new Strands game they've introduced.

Deb smiley - cheerup

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