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You can call me TC

When my mother died in July 2019, my sister and I decided not to sell the house what with Brexit messing everything up, and we found a tenant to rent it as from December 2019.

The income from the rent was to be split 50/50 between us. So I have income in the UK now.

We then had to do our tax return here in Germany for the calendar year 2020. Our accountant said I would have to do the tax return in the UK first, then submit all the docs with the German tax return.

This means that I had to do the Tax return for 1/4/2019-31/3/2020 and 1/4/2020 - 31/3/2021, which would cover the calendar year 2020 in Germany. Oh - and convert it to Euros.

So I rang HMRC and they said they would allocate me a UTR (tax reference) number, which would arrive by post in about 3 weeks. 5 weeks later, it still hadn't come, so I rang again and was just given the number over the phone. smiley - dohsmiley - facepalm

So I sat down and rolled up my sleeves, ready to start. On trying to register with the website, I was told I needed two forms of proof of identity out of a choice of three. The only one I have is a British passport. Failing that, they would send an "Activation code" by post. Should arrive in 10 days. I wasn't holding my breath, but it did actually arrive within the time.

So this morning, I sat down and rolled up my sleeves again, ready to start. Now I am told I can't do a straightforward tax return on the HMRC website because I am not a UK resident. I have to download software to do it for me. They provided a confusing list of about 20 firms who provide this service, from which I have to choose one.

I have never done a tax return in my life, and I'll be glad if I can get this sorted in time to avoid paying penalties. The deadline in Germany has been extended to 31 July. I am already too late for the 2019/2020 year in the UK and may have to pay penalty there. These delays are through no fault of my own, which makes it more frustrating.

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Can anyone recommend or advise against any tax assistance company before I go for the wrong option? And any idea what this sort of service costs?


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paulh, making lemonade from the lemons that life has given me

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You can call me TC

Right, I've done it. Hope HMRC are quick to process it. How long do they usually take?


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paulh, making lemonade from the lemons that life has given me

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