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Ages ago on here I was involved in a conversation about masks. Can't be bothered finding it.

As I recall, some Muslim women were moaning about being treated differently because they chose to walk around England - not a traditionally mask-wearing culture - wearing a mask. They thought that because they called it something in some foreign language that people here should just get over it and definitely not call it what it is - a mask - because that makes it harder to sound justifiable to wear one.

Anyway: obviously, given events since March, a LOT more people are walking around wearing masks. I do wonder if Muslim women have noticed any change in attitudes towards them in that time.

I doubt that Muslim women of the type who tend to wear masks would be likely to be posting here, but please, speculate:

1. worse abuse?
2. about the same?
3. much less?

I imagine less, purely on the basis that when I walked round Asda in January, the ninjas in there stuck out a mile. Now they're just another person in a mask.

That of course ignores the fact that minority of knobs who actually go beyond tutting and sidewise glances and hurl actual abuse aren't likely to be put off by the common sight of masks on our streets, not least because such dolts are likely not to be wearing them.

Any thoughts?

(Also, can anyone remember/pass a link to that old convo?)


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You can call me TC - so relieved the site is back up again

No, sorry. Don't remember it (and my brain seems to have a huge archive of hootoo stuff).

I doubt if any hard core rightwingers would even get the irony and will continue to nurture their prejudices.

I don't see much prejudice against hijab wearers here in rural Germany although I know it is rife in other parts. It is worn in schools and I used to work with colleagues wearing them. Not full burkas, though, haven't seen them around here.

As I went to a convent school back in the times when the nuns wore full garb, I find it rather hypocritical to condemn one religion for asking their women to cover their hair when in living memory, our own traditions dictated the same.


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paulh, making lemonade from the lemons that life has given me

Not many people are happy about having to wear masks. At least Muslim women are not being singled out by being asked to wear them.


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smiley - spacesmiley - space (Also, can anyone remember/pass a link to that old convo?)

I think it might be this one, although you seem to be wearing a mask. smiley - rofl

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Thinking about it, in the new reports I haven't seem many women in full Muslim costume habituating the pubs, restaurants, High Street shopping centres & parks that are commonly shown with crowds of people.

They also seem to be a bit light of those most vulnerable to COVID. I wonder why!


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Caiman raptor elk - Inside big box, thinking.

We have an interesting conundrum here in the Netherlands.

As of august 2019, we have a law prohibiting wearing of face covering garments in public transport, public/government buildings, including educational and care institutions. Only some exceptions are made for specific use in hospitals, during sports (protectors) and some events.

The current policy on wearing masks does no fall under the defined exclusions.

So: wearing a mask is illegal, but in some cases (public transport), not wearing one is illegal as well.

I did read an article that Muslim women are much more proficient in just using their eyes to convey facial expressions and reading those in other persons


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paulh, making lemonade from the lemons that life has given me

Muslims are discouraged from drinking alcoholic beverages, so it might be understandable if there are few of them in pubs.

yes, wearing masks throws a monkey wrench into a lot of things.

Later this morning I will use video software to have a session with my psychiatrist. neither of us will need t wear a mask. smiley - smiley


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Mr. X ---> "Be excellent to each other. And party on, dudes!"

"We have an interesting conundrum here in the Netherlands."

So change the law. smiley - erm

Or just ignore it. Human beings are not automatons. Surely your police aren't going to arrest you, under the circumstances.

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Baron Grim

Our "law & order" president blatantly violated Nevada state law by hosting his latest rally indoors.


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paulh, making lemonade from the lemons that life has given me

I am not surprised.

Not that he could surprise me lately.

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