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Ex-Classic Line-ups

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Icy North

WIth the death announced today of guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke, all three members of the classic Motorhead line-up (the others being Lemmy and Philthy Animal Taylor) have died in the last couple of years.

We must have lost a few other classic rock & roll line-ups over the years - The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Hendrix, Redding, Mitchell) is another that springs to mind.

Can you name any others?

Ex-Classic Line-ups

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The Ramones

Ex-Classic Line-ups

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The Rolling Stones are surely re-animated cadavers

Ex-Classic Line-ups

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Baron Grim

I'm not a fan so I'm not that familiar with their line ups, but haven't the main original members of AC/DC "joined the bleedin' choir invisible"?

Ex-Classic Line-ups

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Pink Paisley

The Bill Haley and his Comet - Rock around the clock (single) band have all shuffled off this mortal coil.

There is one surviving band member from the recording of the album.

And isn't that THE rock and roll band?


Ex-Classic Line-ups

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Baron Grim

When I read that, I mentally pronounced it "Bill Hal-ee" and the Comets" rather than "Hey-Lee". When I was a kid it was "Hey-Lee's" comet and now it's "Hal-ee's".

Weird smiley - weird right?

Ex-Classic Line-ups

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The drummer from Buddy Holly's Crickets is still alive...

Ex-Classic Line-ups

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Icy North

These are quite tricky to find. There are surviving members of The Walker Brothers, The Righteous Brothers and The Everly Brothers.

Ex-Classic Line-ups

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But the Andrews Sisters are now all members of the Heavenly Host smiley - angel - although they are more famous for their early close harmony stuff and none of their later slightly rocky attempts really worked...


Ex-Classic Line-ups

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paulh, not fond of Lord Mudpants

Of the seven [sic] members of the Chad Mitchell Trio, two are known to be dead [John Denver and Joe Frazier].

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Ex-Classic Line-ups

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