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Don't know how to decide how to vote in the Referendum?

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"Cameron will be the one remembered for gambling to control his swivel-eyed loons and losing."

True, but he at least has other things on his CV. Legalising gay marriage, for one thing. May is now and forever more ONLY the Brexit Prime Minister. She is the one who will be remembered for supporting Remain, and then for cynical career purposes switching sides after the event, "Brexit means Brexit", and for making the single worst UK political decision of my lifetime - calling a general election three years before she needed to and squandering a safe parliamentary majority. That call makes the poll tax look like the minimum wage. The history books will have literally nothing to say about her that isn't about Brexit.

What's interesting at this point is watching the Tory sharks circling her lame-duck leadership, not a single one of them wanting to actually replace her yet. It is vitally important to them that the complete fscking disaster that Brexit is definitely going to turn into is 100% firmly identified with her. If I were her right now I'd fabricate some illness and step down "reluctantly". Whatever lambasting she got for cowardice will be as nothing compared to the vitriol that will come her way if she's in charge in the weeks and months after Brexit takes hold. I honestly think she might be assassinated - the security services must surely view it as an increased risk if they've any sense.

Don't know how to decide how to vote in the Referendum?

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Good analysis.
However it has exposed the true nature of the population, and racial tension will take a generation to go. The division of the population may well lead to the break up of the UK.

The irony is it may not stop immigration

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Don't know how to decide how to vote in the Referendum?

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