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Any modest ambitions?

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35 here smiley - smiley

Any modest ambitions?

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Around 20 for me. I have no great ambitions - i would have liked to go to Glastonbury (festival) but I'm not sure I want to now. Having had a potentially life threatening illness it didn't make me want to start doing anything different, although I am conscious now of trying to keep myself fit and generally enjoy myself. Just appreciating being alve.
I'd probably do more with friends & family if I knew time was limited.
I don't like the idea of becoming decrepit in old age, would like the option to die sooner if I chose.

Any modest ambitions?

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>I don't like the idea of becoming decrepit in old age, would like the option to die sooner if I chose. <

Ah, Teasswill, that really ought to be a modest ambition, eh?
But it isn't yet. One day, though, it will be - once civilisation has grown up a bit more.

Any modest ambitions?

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Smoke a cigar. I keep thinking I'd like to do it but keep putting it off. I think I'm waiting until I've decided it won't have a substantial negative impact on my health.

Sleep under the stars somewhere completely dark. Intended to do it this summer in Scotland but the clouds got in the way.

Learn to drive. I hate watching my students get their driving licenses whilst I still haven't got mine.

Any modest ambitions?

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You can call me TC

My only ambition, if I knew I had a few months to live, would be to suffer no pain in that time, and to get all my belongings sorted so that no one has any hassle with it when I kick that bucket.

If I wrote a list, it would certainly not include anything that

smiley - birocost a lot of money,
or involve
smiley - birotravelling
smiley - birojumping into, out of, over or off anything.

Any modest ambitions?

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One really modest goal I've had and not yet fulfilled is to go to Blueberry Hill (a blues club in St Louis) and see Chuck Berry perform live. This shouldn't be too difficult since it's not too far from my house, and I know he's still performing... but for how long? Really ought to stop putting that one off.

Any modest ambitions?

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Wand'rin star

Dear TC
The mess my house is in is what keeps me alive. I couldn't possibly leave it like this for anyone else to clear up. smiley - starsmiley - star

Any modest ambitions?

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Secretly Not Here Any More

I've done 45 of those.

I'd quite like to give up work and go freelance, and I'd quite like to see an NHL game, but other than that I'm fairly happy with my lot.

Any modest ambitions?

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There's a number of things I'd quite like to do, but wouldn't be that bothered if I didn't. I wonder if that means I'm more content with my life than people who want to go off doing exotic, adventurous things? Or just boring?

Any modest ambitions?

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You can call me TC

Just resigned, I think, Teasswill. If you haven't bungee jumped by the time you're 30, you probably don't really want to.

WS, that's why I haven't sorted everything out yet either. If you've straightened everything out and decluttered till you're rattling around in an empty house, what is there left to look forward to? It's like you're saying "OK now where's that bucket, then?

Any modest ambitions?

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Modest ambitions...

Write another book.

Master my Skatecycle.

Juggle five balls for sixty seconds.

Fly my paraglider more than 50km away from where I took off...

Any modest ambitions?

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Herenna - southpaw for now

Modest ambitions:
Swim one width without stopping because of another pool user. Then a length. (Given the crowding at the local pool even in off peak hours, there's not much space to attempt this before you're definitely more than ready to attempt it).

Finish one of the corsets I'm partway through upgrading.

Finish the 1,000 cranes (roughly halfway there).

Become able to read, write, speak, and understand basic Polish reasonably fluently.

Finish the dress I'm currently working on.

Any modest ambitions?

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Managed more than that smiley - erm

Any modest ambitions?

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Progress so far:

Write another book: done.

Master my Skatecycle: not done. MUCH harder than it looked.

Juggle five balls for sixty seconds: about ten, so far, but I've been at it YEARS and I have made a lot of progress.

Fly my paraglider more than 50km away from where I took off: Oh yes. More than twice that. http://www.xcleague.com/xc/flights/2015881.html

Any modest ambitions?

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Cheerful Dragon

My modest ambitions involve languages. I'd like to be fluent in French and be able to get by in Italian (and possibly Spanish and German). I'd also like to be able to read Simplified Chinese characters, even if I never master speaking Mandarin.

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Any modest ambitions?

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