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If these groups are (and they usually are or are claimed to be) a tiny, unrepresentative minority, I can think of no argument whatsoever for giving them equal access to expensive facilities like meeting rooms if they aren't prepared to sign up to a charter of equality.

For instance - I can see no reason why some loony-fringe political party that believes the Queen is an alien lizard should be allowed a prime time party political broadcast. That's just stupid.

The only time one can allow the repellent a platform is AFTER they've demonstrated a democratic mandate. Where you set the line is up to you, but this is the justification for giving the BNP a platform a few years back... and it worked a treat. They performed their democratic function of bellweather and warning, the mainstream parties woke up and stopped kneejerk decrying anyone with a concern about immigration as "bigotted" (Brown didn't get the memo, though...), and once the balance was restored the far right support withered.

If this group are truly representative of the Muslim student body, then yes, they should be allowed access to facilities. And the Muslim student body should be immediately, loudly and publicly condemned as a bunch of appalling shitbags.

If this group are NOT representative of the Muslim student body, then they have no argument for access.

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