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Just in case asteroid 2012 DA14 doesn't miss the earth

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I guess the thing I am really on about here, and have been since I started this thread, is why is everybody being so goldarned COY? I mean, what an exciting thing this is this asteroid with a close fly-by! Information should be the first hit on a google of it. And the information should be amazingly thorough, with diagrams and explanations of orbits and science and everything!!

But nooo - even when I get to a fairly scientific site they are pretty sparing in their info smiley - erm

And TV coverage has been just as bad if not worse! We have a channel called NASA - wouldn't you think they would have had nonstop coverage of this?! No they didn't. All they had was a live video of it as it went by WITH NO COMMENTARY! Absolute silence. Maybe they thought that was dramatic but I thought it was ignorant! And that channel has such great educational stuff ususally!

Anyway, when we feel disgruntled about too much crime or too much reportage of crime or too many crime dramas on tv - what we really are feeling, I think, is that we want more coverage of things like this amazing event of an asteroid the size of half a football field coming closer to us than some of our satellites that we have sent up.

That's what I think! Time to get over the petty stuff like wars and rape and violence and greed and corruption and grow up so we can start having fun playing in this wonderful universe we live in smiley - magic

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Just in case asteroid 2012 DA14 doesn't miss the earth

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Okay, here is the one for Central California


It is no big deal, just formidable but not a fireball. Probably one of our satellites.

Just in case asteroid 2012 DA14 doesn't miss the earth

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I was clouded out so I was watching the live NASA stream. It did have commentary so I wonder if your sound was muted, Clare? There was plenty of info on the BBC news website, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-21442863 and also space.com, and plenty of peeps were talking about it on Facebook (I don't Twitter). I set up an "event" and 20 of my Facebook friends joined.

There's plenty of information about the wonderful universe we live in on hootoo (you could browse my BATS archive for a start smiley - winkeye) there's a comet in our skies at the moment and we have the (predicted) best comet in living memory on the way. smiley - magic

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Just in case asteroid 2012 DA14 doesn't miss the earth

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Which better-than-Hale-Bopp comet is coming our way?

Just in case asteroid 2012 DA14 doesn't miss the earth

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So I guess no one is laughing now smiley - laugh <--- except him
smiley - laugh <--- and me

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