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Free Speech - How much is too much?

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Baron Grim

"if I was to buy a DC comic with one of his stories I'm effectively endorsing his views"

Replace the word endorse with endow and I think the point is clearer.

I don't endorse many of the views of Faux News. I occasionally endow them to see what nonsense they're spouting by viewing their network or website. I try to avoid the latter when alternative sites mirror their clips.

Free Speech - How much is too much?

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Mr. Dreadful - But really I'm not actually your friend, but I am...

"The violent film comparison doesn't stand up because one side of the argument is based on content and the other is based on personal views."

Bit of a clumsy analogy, I admit. I was aiming more for the simplistic morality angle, rather than content vs. personal views.

Free Speech - How much is too much?

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TRiG (Ireland) A dog, so bade in office

I don't think the Lovecraft example holds up either. Lovecraft is dead. His royalties (or are his books out of copyright now?) no longer go to supporting either him or his political causes.

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Free Speech - How much is too much?

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Baron Grim

Here's an interesting opinion article regarding Card and his views.


Apparently, DC Comics have scrapped Card's story.

Free Speech - How much is too much?

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Thats a debate about people and their works. Should the work be judged on the people that produced the work or solely on the content of that work. So should people listen to music by Wagner knowing that his published views on Jews
Similarly should books be burned because they were written by Jews or contained views considered to be heretic etc.

Free Speech - How much is too much?

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PS reading some of the backlog - then yes since it is your choice - you shouldn't be forced to have to buy products from people whose views you don't like, or for any personal reason whatsoever (including colour of skin etc). It's the free market and consumer choice is sacred. You basically don't have to explain why you buy product a over product b.

Of course in employment law, includings laws associated with public tendering - then equality regulations have to be complied with. So would you be breaking the law if you didn't employ a person best qualified to fill a employment role / position, whose views on a non-work related matter, you strongly disagreed with.

Free Speech - How much is too much?

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