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Do you remember this comedian? Link PLEASE!!!!!

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Well, I can now report what I like to call a "qualified success". See what you think.

I followed the link and asked ITN Source for a clip or copy of the programme. Since I'm not intending using it for commercial purposes, they wouldn't deal with me, but passed me on to a man who would.

I relayed my request to him, and this morning, he responded.

He thanked me for my inquiry.

He confirmed it would, indeed, be possible to produce and supply a one-off DVD copy of the programme I want for private and personal use.

And he was able to tell me that the cost would be...



One hundred and forty five pounds.


smiley - yikes

Apparently they can only do the whole programme - they can't supply clips for non-commercial use. If I'm interested (smiley - rofl) they can send me a licence agreement form to sign.

I don't think so.

Still, interesting to go through the process...

Do you remember this comedian? Link PLEASE!!!!!

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Icy North

Yeah, these things aren't off the shelf. They'd have to fish it out of the tape library and make you a bespoke copy. It's the man hours involved.

Have you tried looking him up in that directory of performers (can't remember the name of it, sorry). Should give his agent's contact details. He may have some promotional stuff. Tell him you're writing the h2g2 Edited Guide entry on him.

Do you remember this comedian? Link PLEASE!!!!!

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Rudest Elf

That's disappointing! Your writing has entertained me a great deal over the years, and I was hoping to amuse you, albeit vicariously.

Still, it's only money - no more than dinner and a show, these days - and you could own the episode if you really needed it.

smiley - reindeer

Ps It's particularly frustrating knowing that ITV could run you off a copy of Bailey's slot if they wanted. You might still charm someone there...

Do you remember this comedian? Link PLEASE!!!!!

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I'm worried about mary my smoking dinosaur !
Also macdonalds smile machine ..brilliant

Do you remember this comedian? Link PLEASE!!!!!

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Gingersnapper+Keeper of the Cookie Jar and Stuff and Nonsense

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Do you remember this comedian? Link PLEASE!!!!!

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