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Morality issue

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Deadangel - Still not dead, just!

Do not ignore what's going on. If you do, nothing will ever improve, either for you, or for them.

1) Keep ACCURATE records of every incident. It's important you don't embellish anything, or add incidents when here weren't any. That can be fatal to any case you may have if someone else is keeping records, and they don't match. It may also help establish a pattern of behaviour (e.g. is there a screaming match or violence around benefits day? (I assume both are unemployed).

2) Call the police EVERY time you believe there's violence happening. They have a duty of care to everyone, and will up the pressure they apply if they have to visit the property every couple of days or so.

3) Keep your door shut if they doorstep you. As others have said, a solid door is a good defence.

4) Keep up the pressure on the landlord / council / social workers etc. If you become a persistant irritant to them, either they'll do something to get you off their (overburdened) back, or, in the event something serious does happen, they won't have a "we weren't aware of the situation" excuse. If they won't be a shining example, you might as well use them as a horrible warning to others.

Morality issue

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

Kea; "While I understand 2legs' sentiment, the idea that these people can live somewhere else might not be real. Where else could they go?"

Local authorities, the local councils plus more central government, plus the police, plus to an extent the health services (yes and this is why it gets complicated a lot of differnt people potentially involved), have a duty of care to both the people concerne,d and the people who are being affected by their actions; I think all, local councils should have secure, warden controlled, type accomidation for those who living in the community just isn't an option, but which is a bit more of a liberal living arrangement kind* of in the community, rahter than just being section and in a secure (basically locked up), ward of a mental hospital... It is difficult to get right, people who are fine to just live out wherever they want, in the community, 99% of the time, can do so with little problem; providing their 1% not alright time, isn't just so disruptive or dangerous to others that it'd be too great a risk to have them do so... So its not always easy to get the balance right, though in this case, it seems that the incidents are frequent enough and of a serious enough level, that the peoples concerned, just shouldn't be living in the big wide community at large, when not only the safety of others, but theire own, safety, needs would be best met were they living in a more controled and regulated environment such as some of the warden controlled housing smiley - erm
Most of the nutters I know in RL (yes nutter is the word they use so I can't see a problem in using it if they're happy with itt themselves), arn't too high a risk to be living out in council housing, private sector rented flats etc., though a couple do occasionally deterioate and have to go back to the local council/NHS secure mental unit... But largely they're really not likely to get into violent stuff so at the most when they deterioriate they're just going to cause annoyance to neighbours, rather than potential actual physical harm.. smiley - ermsmiley - weirdsmiley - 2cents

Morality issue

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Moving On

Thanks for your various replies - yes, there *are several neighbours affected, and no, they're not prepared to pull together and plan; the phrase Apatheic bloody planet springs to mind.

Have already got a local county councellor involved, but as she's right in the middle of a local election campagne atm it might be as well to hedge my bets until I know who gets insmiley - winkeye

Local MP only backs certainties - there sn't anywhere around here for either E or J "to go" as such; no half way houses or sheltered accomodation, and as I've already stated they both lose their social workers soon because the contract hasn't been renewed. So if he doesn't come out smelling of roses he won't become overly involved. He is, after all, a politiciansmiley - erm

Very little point in talking to J - she has a virtually non existent attention/memory span. Her Social Worker AND her mother know what's happening and they're like 2 headless chickenssmiley - shrug

Its a weird and not very wonderful dysfunctional relationship between her and E. Between them, they probably have a mental age of....12? 13 topssmiley - sadface
2 not very bright children trapped in adult bodies.

Get the press involved? Where's the human interest? Has it got big boobies, and a hampster called Charles? No, it's yet 2 more social problems terrorising a cul de sac of not very glamourous little old ladies in a town full of the same situation. Its not News around here, it's The Norm.

The advise about making my front and back doors kick-in proof is taken on board - not quite sure how I can achieve 2 half windowed council issue doors E proof tho! Hopefully by the time he's stopped whinging that he's cut his hand by punching the windows out I'll have called the police and escaped to a handy neighbours - I have a contingency plan at least.

And finally, thank you to who ever it was who reminded me my assumption that The Law was fair isn't viable.

I knew that - I just forgot for a moment.

Morality issue

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Moving On

Oh! First my reply was "Hidden" and now it's been removed - any idea why? Far as I know I didn't contravene any rules, and I don't appear to have an email from TPTB explaining what the problem was.

What to do?

Morality issue

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Try emailing h2g2Editors at bbc.co.uk and see what they say. You should have an email, even if it's not very explanatory.

smiley - fairy

Morality issue

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Moving On

thanks Vip, I'll do that smiley - smiley

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