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Blame 2legs here:

Post 16481


I blame 2legs for needing a nap.

Blame 2legs here:

Post 16482

2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

I blame 2legs for the abundance of cheese in my fridge, its movement into the soup Imade tonight, and for it being bed time soon smiley - sleepy

Blame 2legs here:

Post 16483


I blame 2 legs for Michigan State being behind in the game.

Blame 2legs here:

Post 16484


I spoke to soon, now the badgers are behind.

Blame 2legs here:

Post 16485


Game over MSU Spartans 37, Wisconsin 31. I blame two legs that I am up this late getting a score.

Blame 2legs here:

Post 16486

Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

Do you always have that much trouble getting a score? smiley - run

Blame 2legs here:

Post 16487


I blame 2legs for running out of eggs..and too lazy to go up the road for more. So it'll be marmite on toast for lunch.

Blame 2legs here:

Post 16488


Ref post 16485:
the reason I was up late getting the score was they had moved it to the evening to accomodate ESPN (American Cable TV) which had an exclusivity clause in the broadcast rights. Since I REFUSE to pay for cable, the only stations I could get had to wait for the game to end before they could broadcast any of it and I was forced to get it via the ESPN website. Maybe I should blame 2 legs for exclusivity clauses, and while I am at it blame him that British TV has similar clauses that stop me from watching them in the states.

Blame 2legs here:

Post 16489

2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

I blame 2legs for the duck egg omelette Ihad for lunch today... smiley - friedeggsmiley - drool

Blame 2legs here:

Post 16490

BigAl Patron Saint of Left Handers Keeper of the Glowing Pickle and Monobrows

smiley - drool

Blame 2legs here:

Post 16491

dragonqueen - eternally free and forever untamed - insomniac extraordinaire - proprietrix of a bullwhip, badger button and (partly) of a thoroughly used sub with a purple collar. Matron of Honour.

I blame 2legs for untasty frozen readymade microwaved dinners... He really should make me dinners.

smiley - dragon

Blame 2legs here:

Post 16492

Malabarista - now with added pony

I blame 2legs for leftover rice pudding for dinner. smiley - whistle

Also for the annoying cough that will not go away - I was getting seriously wheezy just walking home from Uni today!

Blame 2legs here:

Post 16493


I blame 2legs for bad antibiotics. The left half of my face looks like...the left half of KB's face. The right half of my face looks like...the right half of Winston Churchill's face. smiley - monster

Blame 2legs here:

Post 16494

Lanzababy - Guide Editor

I blame 2legs for making me buy this huge hunk of cheese, featured here in the photo, A87709341

which I single-handedly have to eat, today it was cauliflower cheese.

smiley - evilgrin

Blame 2legs here:

Post 16495


That photo made me want to go out and buy holey cheese as well. Have you started with the advertising already, in a very subtle way?

KB, hope the left side of your face is OK soon.

I didn't say that, 2legs made me, it's his fault.

Blame 2legs here:

Post 16496

2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

I blame 2legs for the 16 KG of flour I seem to have accumulated in a kind of not wanting to run out of flour kind of way, for the 2 KG of various cheeses in my fridge, and for the leek, mushroom and cornish blue cheese risotto I had for dinner. Of course, the two choclate and cream eclaires I had afterwards were 2legs fault too smiley - blush I also blame 2legs for my PC working again finally smiley - coolsmiley - boing and for the huge amoutn of system maintainace and updating I now have to do smiley - groan

Blame 2legs here:

Post 16497


I blame 2legs that i've managed to get myself transferred over here at last

Blame 2legs here:

Post 16498

loonycat - run out of fizz

I blame 2legs for my sore nose and cramped leg muscle

Blame 2legs here:

Post 16499

Granny Weatherwax - ACE - Hells Belle, Mother-in-Law from the Pit - Haunting near you on Saturday

I blame 2legs for being baaaaaack smiley - witchsmiley - monster

Blame 2legs here:

Post 16500


I wanted to change my name for Halloween and it won't let me. And I was going to blame this on 2legs, but I still feel too mean even trying and can't get myself to do it. smiley - wah

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