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What Films have you seen recently?

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Sho - gainfully employed again

I've just switched off the most pretentious load of twaddle I've ever seen. No surprise that it's Wim Wenders then.

Palermo Shooting. As one of the reviews on imdb says "watch it with your eyes shut"

(the best bit was working out which bridges they are in Düsseldorf - which is only interesting if you know the city)

What Films have you seen recently?

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psychocandy - Moderation Team Leader

I love Wim Wenders (especially "Paris, Texas", in my top ten all time favorites), so I'll definitely have to see that once Netflix gets it.

What Films have you seen recently?

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****HP6 SPOILERS****

"When the half-blood prince reveals himself to be the half-blood prince, I thought "so what?" It didn't seem to have any relevance to anything. It might as well have been "HP And The Tinky Winky".

I have to agree.

I did enjoy the film a lot, but I also agree that it fell a bit flat. The ending would have been much more powerful if the fight at the Astronomy Tower had been left in.

I was glad to see Quidditch return. I didn't really see the point of the scene where Bellatrix and Greyback turn up at the Burrow - the film is not about Harry's anger over Sirius' murder. I did think that the Ron/Hermione hospital room scene was quite a good addition though.

The shot at the beginning following the Death Eaters swooping through London was stunning.

I thought the Felix Felicis part was very well done - good job, Dan Radcliffe.

****End Spoilers****

What Films have you seen recently?

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We watched HP6 Saturday night.


I left the movie theater with a good feeling. The movie works. There is humor in it, sadness, action. I rather liked it.

But. But. BUT... come to think about it in more detail, my impression changed. And for the first time ever on hootoo, I am going caps: TIHS MOVIE WAS MADE FOR A NON-CARING, NON-THINKING, FEED-ME-DOWNSIZED-AND-OVERSIMPLIFIED-SIMPLEMINDEDNESS-AND-DON'T-MAKE-IT-TOO-DIFFICULT-FOR-ME TYPE OF AUDIENCE, AND IT SHOWS. Go for the laughs, the movie makers thought. Go for the kisses. Go for some action, but then, let's have some action around Christmas time rather than in a final battle scene, because we feel like it. Oh, and it just don't matter, does it, that this Christmas time action that we invented and which totally contradicts the books by destroying the Burrow, well, it don't matter that it is Christmas time, but the fields Harry and the other run around in are still the way they were in summer when Harry came to the Burrow first. Nobody will notice, right? Audiences don't care, right? Audiences are stupid, right?
And because audiences are stupid, we don't want to overtax them. We will keep it simple. Why is Tom Riddle at the orphanage? Oh, don't matter, he just is. Do we really want to confuse the audience by talking, yes bleeding talking about six different Horcruxes and their significance? Bloody hell not! But let us have some good old movie-moments pathos when everybody holds up their wands to light up Dumbledore's body and to light the Dark Mark away. This is gonna look so cool! They are so gonna cry! This is so movielike!

So anyway. It HP6 is a fun movie if you don't care for the books. If you do... well, if you do, you had better get used to the idea that the number one priority of the film makers is to make a film that appeals to the greatest audience at the smallest common denominator.


What Films have you seen recently?

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You can call me TC

The Fiennes kid really invoked those goose bumps that everyone mentioned in the TV programmes in the run-up to the opening. But then, he does have some impressive names on his pedigree.

What Films have you seen recently?

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Star Trek - quite enjoyed it. Thought the characters were pretty interesting, especially Scotty. Camera-work was a bit artsy and up it's own backside but other than that, I'd like to see more in this line.

What Films have you seen recently?

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Just got back from seeing Harry Potter 6. Spoilers within.

I didn't see the point of the attack on the Burrow. With all the stuff they had to leave out, why were they including something so pointless? And why was Tonks calling Lupin sweetheart? It just didn't work

Where was the Battle of Hogwarts? The end of the film felt totally empty without it and missed the point of the book. The film managed to convey quite well the isolation of the leads, the foreboding of it all. But the book showed them coming back together, that although the group had become distant, they rallied. It offered hope amongst the darkness and the film suffered without it.

Where was Dumbledore's funeral? And Fawke's lament? And a proper goodbye between Harry and Ginny? Again the end really suffered without these and I'd have happily swapped the Quidditch match for them. I thought the matches were great in the earlier films, but they've got nothing to do with the plot any more.

There was lots of good stuff in there: getting the locket and Dumbledore's fire was *awesome*, Micheal Gambon finally seemed to fit the role (wasn't a fan of him in the earlier films) and his little reminder to Harry that he needed to shave was very poignant.

The relationship stuff between Harry and Ginny and Ron and Hermione was very well done: the scene with Hermione crying on the staircase was beautiful, with the darkness and the snow behind, and then panning up to see Malfoy at the top of the Astronomy Tower, all alone.

The Penseive effect was really cool and the memories were chilling, Slughorn was well-played and the girl playing Luna is an absolute star even if she was under-used. Snape was under-used but then, he always is. It's a shame because Alan Rickman can say more with a glare than any of the rest can with pages of exposition.

If the film had ended as well as it had started, it would have been brilliant. As it is, not as good as numbers 4 or 5.

What Films have you seen recently?

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Mol - on the new tablet


Although how there can be any when I haven't even *seen* HP6 yet (grmprfhrr swine flu grmpgfrrl) ... but I did force Nod (who saw it on the opening night) to sit down and talk me though what was in it and what wasn't. After filtering out the awesomes and the cools smiley - rolleyes, there was quite a lot to mull over, and I've been following it here too (and wondering if Nod was paying proper attention: she told me there were only quidditch tryouts, not a quidditch match. But what about Harry and Ginny's hug? I said. Nope, she said.) I did wonder if the changes that have been made in HP6 are to take account of changes that will also be made (or things that will later be shown) in 7 and 8.

For example, the whole story climaxes with a massive Battle of Hogwarts. So while I personally would probably have kept the first battle in, I can see why it could also be left out. Bill wasn't in HP6, according to Nod, so HP7 is unlikely to start with his wedding, in which case trashing the Burrow (and removing a possible refuge) was quite reasonably brought forward.

HP6 is the first HP film to have been made with *everybody* (ie, not just JKR) knowing how the big story finally ends. The fun in HP1 to 5 was in trying to spot what had been left in, which any normal director would have edited out, and so might be a Clue left in on JKR's instruction as to which way Snape swung or ... well, all those other things HP Internutters used to theorise about. If you remember, we only had a week of conjecture between HP5 on screen and HP7 in the bookshops; but HP5 had been filmed and canned way before and I think it's fair to say it was made without a full comprehension of how the series will end. Well, now the director and the story editor and the production team *know* where they are going and that must make a huge difference to how they approach these final 3 films (think LOTR and what PJ did to that) (the good bits, obviously, forget the rubbish bits).

Sigh. I so hope it's not going to be a totally pants film when I finally get to see it.


What Films have you seen recently?

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Clive the flying ostrich: Amateur Polymath | Chief Heretic.

>> If you remember, we only had a week of conjecture between HP5 on screen and HP7 in the bookshops; but HP5 had been filmed and canned way before and I think it's fair to say it was made without a full comprehension of how the series will end. <<

If by the you mean they are rationalising what stays and what goes on the basis of they know how it ends - then that makes what they are chopping out and changing even more incomprehensible - not less.

I'm minded to drop a rating the more I reflect on it.



What Films have you seen recently?

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Mol - on the new tablet

Yes, I think that's what I meant - they are in a position to look at HP6 and HP7 as a single story over three films and I would be surprised if that hadn't resulted in quite a bit of chopping and changing.

However - obviously I haven't actually seen it yet so perhaps I should just shut up for the time being!


What Films have you seen recently?

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Clive the flying ostrich: Amateur Polymath | Chief Heretic.

no, no, I was just thinking out loud about what you said - it was an interesting observation. I for one certainly hadn't thought of that!

I'm still confused though about the changes that were made since I cannot reason what benefit they bring to the story as a whole or the film in particular save for 'it'd be less complicated if we did it like this' in which case why delay it for 6 months (no wait I know the answer to that one: money) rather I mean in terms of the story what was intended to be gained by these changes.

I cannot fathom it.

What Films have you seen recently?

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Mol - on the new tablet

Money was the *only* reason for the delay, wasn't it? I mean they finished filming HP6 18 months ago didn't they?

Do we need a separate HP films thread? smiley - biggrin Where we can talk about spoilers galore?


What Films have you seen recently?

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Yeah, the only reason they delayed HP6 was because the writers strike left Warner Bros without a summer blockbuster.

Twilight was chucked out in the spot HP6 was supposed to be released.

What Films have you seen recently?

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

I was positively (Negatively?) underwhelmed by HP. But then, I didn't read the book, so I probably would have been massively disappointed reading the comments here.

I agree Luna is under-used. She is the most fascinating character for me. I found DR boring smiley - sadface sorry fans. Loved Ron playing the smiley - clown and Hermione, what does she see in him??? I swear she should be in love with Dracosmiley - biggrin

I read some reviews (from the actors) and was disappointed there was no kissing between some of the actors who I had thought there was going to be smiley - sadface

But enough, as films go, the special effects were good, but I enjoyed the previous outing more, it was scarier too.


What Films have you seen recently?

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Sho - gainfully employed again

The remake (with Keanu Reeves) of the Day the Earth Stood Still.

I liked it.

What Films have you seen recently?

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Mistadrong, (Count vonCount.)the last Gog standing

Just watched Chandni Chowk To China, a film to avoid like the plague. A cross between Bollywood and Kung Fu with singing, dancing and fighting. It could have been funny, it could have been entertaining, it could have been interesting; Indian take on China through western (mine) eyes.Instead it was irritating spoilt by the lead's constant crying and wailing.
smiley - vampire

What Films have you seen recently?

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can any one recommand a movie that has been well thort out and with good acting , without stereo type casting ,

but to point out i did like gran torino but i do not like Clint Eastwood but was good in this film for some reson!!

What Films have you seen recently?

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Primeval Mudd (formerly Roymondo)

I've recently seen The Hangover. Nowhere near as bad as one would expect. In fact, it's actually quite funny in places. Not many places but more than expected.

What Films have you seen recently?

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Steve K.

"Star Trek" fan films, "The Savage Empire" and "The Tressaurian Connection". Available online here:


The first one, filmed in 2002, is pretty much as cheesy as the original "Star Trek". The second one from 2005 is a big step up, closer to TNG IMHO. The director and producer were at the showing, they promised the second one's final segment would be online this year (they've been editing for 4+ years due to a few plot holes ...)


What Films have you seen recently?

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A Super Furry Animal

I watched Zak And Miri Make A Porno the other night on DVD. It's a rom-com...with some porno. Quite funny, with one obligatory gross-out moment. 3/5.

RFsmiley - evilgrin

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