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What is the difference.....

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Moving On

Between a Kentish Man and A Man of Kent, and why is it so important?

(No, this is not a riddle or joke, I'd really like to know!)

What is the difference.....

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Cheerful Dragon

It's the side of the Medway they were born on. West of the Medway and he's a Kentish Man. East of the Medway and he's a Man of Kent.

Why is it important? I guess it isn't, unless you come from Kent. It's like the 'rivalry' (if that's the right word) between Londoners over which side of the Thames, North or South, it's best to come from. It only matters to the people who come from that place - the rest of us don't care.

What is the difference.....

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Blues Shark - For people who like this sort of thing, then this is just the sort of thing they'll like

I never realised that was the distinction. I always tell people that i am not an Essex Man (though I do have a friend who wears white stilletoes smiley - groan) but a Man of Essex.

I'm sure the distinction there is more obvious.

smiley - shark

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