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Hi.Thanx for the visit. Nice to meet someone else who _likes_ her children (more difficult than loving them)
Word of wisdom 1:
Encourage help with housework while they're still toddlers. A ten year old who was supervised washing up at and pushing the vacuum cleaner at four is much more likely to do it now than one who wasn't. In any case housework is nowhere near as important as playing with young kids. Keep the loo and the food -preparation surfaces up to your mother-in-law's standards..The rest of it's relative.

h2g2 parents

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Your youngest may be a twin of my baby son, Andrew. He is 5 months old on Dec 5th. Is it just me, or does time seem to accelerate after kiddies are born?

We have been very fortunate with him. He is a great sleeper and he only cries when he is hungry or tired. I can't believe how big he is already! 5 months old and very "pudgy".

Also I have just found out that he looks almost exactly like his mum did at the same age, so even better luck. smiley - smiley


h2g2 parents

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Amazing to think anyone mentioned in this thread is by now old enough to vote...

h2g2 parents

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And that there's strong potential for hootoo grandchildren.

h2g2 parents

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Strange that my youngest didn't know what h2g2 was when in came up in conversation recently. smiley - yikes He was two when this thread started.

And now I feel very, very old. smiley - senior

And a bit smiley - cry

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