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Icy North

Yes, that's better. You'd never pass a H&S inspection with all those unsecured poisonous chemicals on site.

"Staff and customers are readily exposed to large quantities of ethanol-based neurotoxins..."

Petty Hates

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"Ethanol Based Neurotoxin" would be a great beer name. smiley - cheers

Petty Hates

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PH: Questionaires that ask one to select an answer on a basis of 'closest fit' from the choices provided, whether any of the answers provided are especially relevant or not.

Tempts me to write in disparaging remarks, that the standard given is like Procrustes asking whether one would prefer to have one's head or one's feet chopped off, with a suggestion that the results would be more honest if there were a 'none of the above' selection with a write in box requesting an explanation in which having selected 'none of the above', one could write in the response, "No.".

Complaints on 'fixing' the poll or 'phishing' might also be relevant.

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Post 15784


I hate that too.

Also forms that needs extra clicks to access menus/choices. Don't get me started on the software at work that when you open a new section, jumps upwards so you have to scroll to find the boxes to complete.

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Post 15785

The Left Reverend Doktor Baron Grim


That reminds me.

PH: Web pages with mid page ads that refresh with different size ads and actively adjust the ad space. I'm trying to read an article and every thirty seconds, the page jumps up for a second or two, then drops down again, often to a different height.

Wired.com, I'm looking at you! smiley - cross

Petty Hates

Post 15786


Betting advertising on telly, you can't watch any sporting event without getting bombarded to 'bet on line now', that Ray Winstone cretin is beneath contempt,he doesn't need the money He must be a millionaire through his acting career, gambling is an addiction, if they can ban tobacco advertising, they can ban gambling adverts and they should. That hypocrisy about advising people to 'bet responsibly' turns my stomach, disgusting.

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Post 15787

Icy North

Good grief, there's two of us, hammondorgan.

People look at me in a funny way when I try to remind them that gambling is a vice. I thought it must be me.

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Post 15788


Gambling doesn't have to be too pernicious a vice if one sticks to a couple of basic rules.

First, never bet money you can't afford to throw away.

Second, never bet on anything but a sure thing.

Most problem gamblers suffer from the delusion that luck, in the spirit of fairness, will turn their way.

Very few people indeed have the mental capacity to prove a sure thing to be sure and reject all lesser bets.

Did you know Edwin Hubble had an assistant who helped him with his math who was a professional gambler.

Blaise Pascal, notable for his monastic lifestyle, austerities and mortifications of the flesh, invented the science of statistics on solicitation of a friend who liked to gamble and wanted to be better able to estimate the odds for and against his prospect of making a successful bet.

Petty Hates

Post 15789


I know several gamblers who live a monastic austere lifestyle, it's cos they're bankrupt what a load of twaddle, If Pascal had come up with the perfect system we'd all be doing it! There was flaw in the Hubble telescope wasn't there? Ah the irony, life is sometimes too kind.

Petty Hates

Post 15790


There certainly are gamblers who make a success of themselves. Consider Tony Bloom, and his gambling organisation Starlizard.

".../Starlizard, a company that treats gambling the way hedge funds treat stocks. Officially, it describes itself as a betting consultancy that uses complex statistical models to generate football odds that are sharper than those offered by professional bookmakers. "

""From the age of 8 or 9, I used to go down to the arcades in West Street with some friends and play with our pocket money on the fruit machines," Starlizard's architect told Brighton's local paper The Argus. He gave the rare interview shortly after taking over his boyhood football club, Brighton and Hove Albion FC, in 2009.

Bloom, then 39, was at that point rich enough to pump £80 million worth of unsecured and interest-free loans into the club. His net worth is unknown, but there is speculation it could run into the billions. "


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Post 15791

Sho - gainfully employed again

I object to all the gambling ads and the connection to football and other sporting events. Not because having the odd flutter is harmful but that gambling can become a devastating addiction.

I also think that with betting firms sponsoring teams the potential for match fixing is too high.

Petty Hates

Post 15792

Dr Anthea - ah who needs to learn things... just google it!

isn't one of the effects of addictive behaviours that you can associate them with something else like smoking after alcohol for example, its much easier then to give up smoking if you also stop going for a drink but once you do go for a drink you may be tempted to smoke, surely the same can be said of gambling if you gamble when you watch sport then eventually whenever you watch sport you will be tempted to gamble and advertising during the match is another way to reinforce that behaviour

or i could be talking a load of tosh, I'm no expert

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By chance I was directed to this news item in the Times today about the gambling epidemic in the UK. Sadly as I don't subscribe to The Times I can't read all of the item, but it seems relevant.

It was also pointed out to me that the government appear unwilling to clamp down on gambling, which may be connected to the fact that George Osborne's family make millions from it.

Gambling does seem very prevalent in the UK. There are countless betting shops of all sizes scattered around each high street and they stay open quite late. Some seem so confident you'll lose your money that they even offer a free £10.00 first bet.

And for those rare people who beat the system they can eventually expect to be banned and have their online accounts closed.

In short gambling seems a fools game to me.

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...except for casino and betting shop owners...

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Post 15795

The Left Reverend Doktor Baron Grim

The house always wins.

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Post 15796


PH: The agonizing pain in my lower spine after a long drive.

Carefully folding a wooly sweater to fill the crevice between the seat and the back of the folding bucket seat helps.

Someday, though, someone is going to develop a real ergonomic solution for the problem.

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Post 15797


PH: Winter & rain coats that only fasten to the waist - sometimes not even that. What do designers think coats are for?

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Post 15798


Folk who find it necessary to shout when using their mobile phone, .......I mean, the person they are calling, might not be able to hear them, .....but We Cansmiley - winkeye

smiley - cheersSmudger.

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Post 15799

Anna Siren- the heathen of the deep, according to iTunes...

I have an absolute bugger ton of email to wade through, and when I select say, 80 emails at a time or whatever, inevitably I will forget to press command before clicking on the email, and I have to go back and start again. Or give up for the night.

Another PH: jobs ads that require you to go to a weird website to apply. BBC, I really want to work for you, OK? But what in the blistering hell is Wizbii and WHY must I apply through them?!

Petty Hates

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Today's PH has been building for a while. It's not knowing how busy something will be.

I'm organising a little Beer From The Wood Weekend at the brewery over the Easter bank holiday. We're opening the Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon til nine pm. Normally when we open over a weekend it's just the Saturday and the Sunday, and even then attendance has fluctuated quite a bit. So I've no idea how many people are likely to turn up based on those weekends.

Yesterday I picked up six wooden pins (a pin is half the size of a firkin, or about 20 litres), and will be having them all filled with beer and available at the start of the Friday.

But will it be enough? Until this morning I thought there'd be no problem at all, but now I'm starting to wonder. I put out a little teaser poster on Twitter last night, and there's quite a bit of interest in it.
It's possible that all the beer from the wood could sell out on the first day! It's also possible that I'll have loads left at the end of the last day!

I could buy some more wooden casks, I could buy in beer from other breweries that have wooden casks (although breweries don't like to let their wooden casks out of their sight!). Or, I could be spending extra money that I don't need to.

So yes, today's PH is not knowing how busy it'll be!

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