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Petty Hates

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Moonhogg - Captain Coffee Break

Doors you need to push open, but have pull handles! You nearly pull your arm out of its socket, and look a total wally!

Petty Hates

Post 7162

The Groob

It's been said before on here but I hate doors in public toilets you have to pull to get out. Makes me want to wash my hands again.

Petty Hates

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Yvonne aka india

I second that! Though some "ergonomcs/disability awareness consultants" will say that people with poor grip or strength or other such issues, find it easier to hold onto a handle and push where they can't get the grip or friction on a door plate.

I see their point, but I agree, you still feel and look like a wally when it happens smiley - sadface

Petty Hates

Post 7164

You can call me TC

Toilet doors that open inwards and hit the loo so you have to climb over the loo to get out.

Cold loos in public buildings. smiley - brr

Petty Hates

Post 7165

Yvonne aka india

The flourescent lighting in the loos at our local supermarket. One strip light is the standard orange/yellow-ish. The other looks like those devices for zapping flies - really in-your-face bright blue that makes your eyes hurt. smiley - cool

Petty Hates

Post 7166

Pink Paisley

The gents in my office although warm enough, has a window that the wind whisltles past making it sound like you are in a leaky cold room.

Psychologically, I feel the need to stand closer. If you know what I mean. smiley - silly


Petty Hates

Post 7167

Pit - ( Carpe Diem - Stay in Bed )

Yvonne - the fluorescent tubes you mention are meant to keep drug addicts from "shooting up" in the loo, as they make it very difficult to locate a vein.

This is, of course, not about drug addiction; it´s just meant as an incentive for druggies to die on someone else´s toilet.

Hate of mine - and not a petty one.

Petty Hates

Post 7168


Public loos that are too small to get into, especially when you are pulling a shoping trolley behind you.....

Do they expect you to leave the trolley outside, where it can be stolen???????

smiley - sadface

Petty Hates

Post 7169

kelli - ran 2 miles a day for 2012, aiming for the same for 2013

GT, many a time I've had to use a public loo when I have had the kids and the buggy - I end up going in the cubicle at the end and leaving the door open with the pram in front of it. One time a batty old dear shuffled up and had a massive long chat with the baby while I sat there not quite knowing what to do, wipe and rearrange clothing or just sit there with knickers round ankles until she goes away? (I chose the latter)

PH of the day - thinking of too many things that I want to get for my son for his birthday and not being able to decide which is the greater priority (a bike so he can burn off excess energy outside or an easel with a chalkboard in the hope he will direct his artistic expression towards that rather than my walls...) and which can wait for next christmas.

Petty Hates

Post 7170

Yvonne aka india

Thanks Pit. That explains why the one over the sinks is orange, while the one over the cubicles is blue. Thought it was just poor or careless workmanship.

Some supermarkets, usually ones that have cafes, have a space into which you can put your trolley and close a modest door, with a small key like public showers. Wouldn't want to hang round too long if I had frozen stuff. smiley - brr

Petty Hates

Post 7171

Moonhogg - Captain Coffee Break

Kelli - I was once in hospital with a bad virus. I was in an isolation room until they could tell I wasn't an infection risk. I had a commode in the room. One day I was sat having... well... severe problems, when there was a knock on the door. I called out "Hang on!!" - but in burst the woman with a tea trolley. Completely oblivious, she set about asking if I wanted tea, coffee or juice...

Coffee please...

She served up a cup of foul tea, and left me, still sat...

Petty Hates

Post 7172

Malabarista - now with added pony

Harrumph. They do that at my gynaecologist's; there's a sliding window thing from their back room to the loo that they keep opening to ask you things! smiley - doh

Petty Hates

Post 7173

You can call me TC

I've never been to a gynaecologists like that. There's always a little door into the loo, which you open yourself to put your sample in, and on the other side there's another little door which they can open from the laboratory side.

My hairdresser doesn't wash - let alone sterilise - the combs. Theoretically it doesn't bother me, but I'd never use combs that dirty at home. Are there any infections that can be transferred this way? I hope they're at least careful if they have a customer with nits, but otherwise, it's not really a problem, is it?

Petty Hates

Post 7174

Pink Paisley

I've never been to a gynaecologist.

Let me make it clear that this is not a petty hate.

My PHOTD is the number of codes, passwords and PINs that I end up having to remember just for work.

5 to doors in my office.
1 to a door in a building that I visit regularly
3 passwords for my computer
2 User names for my computer
2 PINs for my computer

No I don't do a high powered and highly paid job with access to the Bank of England, the nuclear deterrent or highly sought after personal data.

Then I go home after dropping into my bank and the shops.......

No wonder that after 6 years I still can't remember which side my car's filler cap is. That information is squeezed out by a load of other stuff.

smiley - grr


Petty Hates

Post 7175


Oh I hate T9 too.
smiley - laugh
smiley - steam

Petty Hates

Post 7176


Oh! Oh! Can I add a PH?

Hysterical landowners. Hysteria in general. Gypsy gays coming to steal all our women. Women coming to steal all our gay gypsy chickens. Gay gypsies coming to steal all our property. Women coming to steal all our gay gypsy chicken property... Oh smiley - bleep, don't ask me to make it make sense.

I know it's probably superseded by "The Science", but it's tempting to reach for the traditional cure for hysteria.

Second PH?

That phrase "The Science says that..." or "The Science is on our side..." (Because it's a politician's term. It flies in the face of science and seems a bit more like theology or rhetoric.)

Petty Hates

Post 7177


PH - hootoo being reeeeal slow, as in, like, it takes literally a million years to show a page.

Well, not a million years really, but it's definitely struggling today smiley - shrug

Petty Hates

Post 7178

Menthol Penguin - Currently revising/editing my book

Loading ok for me.

PH : X3 (computer game) crashing.smiley - sadface

Petty Hates

Post 7179

Sho - employed again!

The British Consulte General in Düsseldorf. Suddenly stopped accepting bank transfers to pay for new passports. Only credit cards, and I don't have one of those. smiley - grr

Petty Hates

Post 7180

Malabarista - now with added pony

The term "Grammar Nazi".

Because people who constantly go around correcting other people's grammar unasked are annoying, yes, but harmless. And though they're rude, they're essentially right - using decent grammar is a good thing.

So people who use that term imply that the same thing is true of the Nazis...

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