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Petty Hates

Post 3681


When you forget something simple in an exam like 8 x 6.

Petty Hates

Post 3682

Anna Siren- the heathen of the deep, according to iTunes...

I'm OK with that stuff but it’s when you’ve been through papers etc, and you open the exam… and there’s a question you did the night before staring you in the face- and you can’t remember the working out, much less the answer.

Happened today; it’s terrible.

Petty Hates

Post 3683


Being a guineapig for a whole new exam system, and being on work experience in a placement you don't really want because you got told you wouldn't be able to get a placement in the hospital, walking distance or otherwise, being ignored or turned down by recording studios, the other career road you were considering going down, so you'll spend a week making false teeth from 8 till 5 with 50 minutes break, panicking about exams. And the mouth the moulds have been in. And the fact your friend used to cry walking past the place when she was little because of the amount of stuff shed had done with her teeth. Maybe thats a little melodramatic.

Petty Hates

Post 3684


Having no lab work for the next three months.

(I believe I've previously complained about having lab work. It's a sort of love-hate relationship.)

Petty Hates

Post 3685

Aries (ACE)

As an astronomer one of my petty hates is the weather in London.

If the weather is clear, it clouds up as soon as we start setting up to observe. Or it starts raining which is worse.

Petty Hates

Post 3686


I would have thought the light pollution would make it damned near impossible there most of the time.

Petty Hates

Post 3687


Fax machines.

In an age where you can scan a document into a computer, save the image, and send it as an email attachment, the company I work for still persists in obselete 1980's technology which is slow, clunks, has all manner of failure potential built in, requires intensive work to get it to function (you must have changed over a fax roll or cartridge? I very briefly had to use hand-cranked Xerox duplicators right at the start of my working life in the late 1970's, where you had to manually insert a messy sheet of paper impregnated with purple ink. Fax rolls aren't as bad as this but still shed waxy black ink-impregnated shreds all over the place and leave you looking like a more genteel coal-miner.)

If you're ending more than one sheet of paper you have to stand there and physically oversee the process, as the moment you turn your back it will send three or four pages through in one big clump. This is guaranteed. Or you get a paper jam which involves manually opening the b lasted thing in a certain order then closing all the covers again, and even then you get "top cover undone" as an error message...

And I'm sure the companies who make fax roll cartridges at £17 a time deliberately design them to be wasteful and un-reuseable so that you have to spend another £17 sooner than you ought...


Petty Hates

Post 3688

Yael Smith

Hear, hear! I hate faxes too. Letters are quite a pain when it comes to business as well. Just send me an email!

Petty Hates

Post 3689


Midlands Today seems to make a habit of giving us the beginning of London Tonight every once in a while, too.

Petty Hates

Post 3690


Living just between 2 tv regions is a pain. I think we always get the program from the west of us when all the relevant stuff is from the east.

Petty Hates

Post 3691


i've seen that happen too, once on Yorkshire TV and once in North Wales. (this bugs me: North Wales was once HTV but these days it seems to be treated as part of the Granada region. OK, Flintshire might have things in common with Liverpool, they're geographically close, but a Manchester-based ITV region broadcasting to North Wales?)

It makes you wonder if the local news for London is the default position for the networks, so that if any region has a transmision problem, they're putting out some sort of programme and performing ITV's rasion d'etre, which are the commercial breaks.. be a disaster if they lost transmision on the paying adverts!

Petty Hates

Post 3692

Yael Smith

smiley - laugh Well they broadcast Breakfast from London, so I assume that is their default station.

Petty Hates

Post 3693


Lift buttons showing anything other than 0,1,2,3 etc.

LG, LB or M mean nothing to me.

Oh, and those little circles of cardboard inside jars of honey and tomato sauce, that you have to remove before you can squeeze the stuff out.

Petty Hates

Post 3694

winnoch2 - Impostair Syndromair Extraordinaire

I dislike the wastefullness of those roll fax machines too. But i used to painstakingly rewind them to use them a second timesmiley - evilgrin Of course you would lose some bits of vital information from time to time... but yes they are very definately badly designed and wasteful.

That said i've not used any other type of fax machine for some time other than the ones than use ink cartridges to print onto plain A4 paper. They are mostly painless to use, but do still suffer from the occasional mass consumption of multiple sheets thing (when you're not looking)smiley - erm

Petty Hates

Post 3695

Sho - gainfully employed again

we use a plain paper fax too, much better but email is better than that.

What I hate is working in an office with about 30 people, all using the same printer/copier/scanner is... when they get their prints, why can't they just leave all the other stuff where it is instead of putting it somewhere else (top of the fridge, on top of the shredder, on the floor smiley - grr)

and then...

moaning about document security
smiley - grrsmiley - grr

Petty Hates

Post 3696


at school its mostly nagging about how rubbish the lesson is or how they hate school.

Petty Hates

Post 3697


I can sympathise with that, as at age twelve the quality of teaching and your motivation to endure it are really important things... I still recall the evil Wednesday afternoon where we had double maths followed by double French, and the sense of gloom that set in just after lunch on a Wednesday, knowing there was ABSOLUTELY nothing to look forward to for the rest of the day is something I can still feel now. Two hours fo subjects I had absolutely no aptitude for, delivered by two of the least sympathetic teachers in the school, and in one case in the dingiest, shabbiest classroom the school could offer. Awful and abominable.

Petty Hates

Post 3698

Yael Smith

It was Thursday for me, with double English, double Physics. Yuck!

Petty Hates

Post 3699


Time wasters.

All it should have taken was one e-mail but somehow my inbox is clogged up full of rubbish about the simplest of things. smiley - cross

Petty Hates

Post 3700

Mrs Bojangles

Sorry about thatsmiley - blush

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