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SPINY (aka Ship's Cook)

I wonder just exactly how much food non-bearded people imagine a beard is capable of storing? At most it's a few crumbs, and you generally feel them in there and get rid of them. The suggestion that people don't care enough about personal hygiene to walk about with a beardful of gunk is highly misplaced...


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Silas Eybin

If you were to grow a beard long enough to plait into little loops then you could hang small baskets of food, or tiny hams, salami, etc.
Somehow I don't think this is what you meant though.


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Doesn't work this storing food in facial hair... tried it... with my whiskers... after much thought... but the doughnuts dragged on the floor when I walked... got extremily dirty... and some of the stuff that stuck to them made them ALMOST unedible!!!!!

smiley - winkeye


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Shelly Cashman Quasney

I'm a bit disappointed, I was so excited about my idea of beard storage There are plenty of other convenient and natural storage spaces on the human body. I think most people are just too proper to use them. smiley - winkeye


Post 225


Well me is a cat so... maybe its a little different for me... ~grin~


Post 226

Shelly Cashman Quasney

I'm impressed with any cat which can effectively use a computer. I couldn't teach my cat how to stop falling off of the couch.


Post 227


~Grin~... oh thats easy... put a bucket of water where your cat falls off... ~bigger grin~... they won't do it a second time...

on hair

Post 228

third asst. eng.(deuce of clubs)

Ah beards and hair I rember when such things were an option. evidently uncle sam like neither. Join the corps 'o' cadets and it's clean shaven our working off demerit hours in the bilge.

p.s. hey skeleton most of the time people go from lost hickers to skeletons, not the outher way around

Beards: why?

Post 229

Fruitbat (Eric the)

The best I can determine is that each person is striving to be "individual", and many of these people are still going through trendy-clothing-label withdrawal. I've seen some fairly daft-to-me versions of personalisation: anything from a mohawk of multi-colours to tongue-bolts and nipple-rings. None of this is to my taste, I use an electric shaver daily (although I once sported an "Abraham Lincoln-looking beard) and cannot fathom the publicly drawing attention to myself by changing my appearance.

Most want to stand apart from the crowd, yet be accepted by the same crowd, and do so either by hair, clothes or body adornments/mutilations....and that doesn't even touch on tattooing, which is largely invisible when dressed.


Beards: why?

Post 230

Gareth McKittrick

The point is that they keep your face warm and they look ok on some people. Others just look like serial muderers.
Ohw ell, thats another good point wasted.

Beards: why?

Post 231


*chuckles* What I've always found rather amusing is that those wot can't grow a beard to save their butts are trying every remedy they hear about to attempt some sort of stubble, while those that can't get it shaved off fast enough to keep off the shadow are always cussin them. smiley - winkeye


Beards: why?

Post 232


Just another thread in lifes blanket of irony. I wonder if a similar thought process goes on in the minds of the balding? You know, upside down heads; none on top, but plenty of the face...

Beards: why?

Post 233


And I'm getting closer to that situation everyday!LOLsmiley - winkeye


Beards: why?

Post 234

Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

Those that can't grow a decent beard have little to fear from the onset of baldness, while those with thick, full beards are forced to contemplate growing the beard for transplant material. Makes me feel pretty good about my scruff, especially since I can shave it, and no one ever needed to know it was there.

As far as shaped beards, that's all a vanity thing, and Eddie Izzard's "being cool' bit is applicable: Grow a little here, lookin cool. Little more here, lookin cool. Grow a bit over here, looking fucken righteous. Now grow just a bit over here...oops, lookin like a dickhead. smiley - winkeye

Just in case Mr Moxon is listening

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which he probably isn't - but you never can tell.

Beards - great things! smiley - smiley

God I am such a creep!

Wow I'd never seen this forum!

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Fenchurch M. Mercury

14 weeks old, and going strong! I'm impressed! smiley - smiley

Well, speaking as the former canidate for Mrs. Bearded h2g2 2000 (I've sincetaken the sticky - beard off).. hmm...

Speaking as The Virtual Mayor of Lond - no, that has nothing to do with beards.
Speaking as a female, guys with facial hair are *very* sexy. Yes. Grow the beards. smiley - winkeye

-Fenchurch M. Mercury
Whether Mark's reading or no! smiley - smiley

Wow I'd never seen this forum!

Post 237

a visitor to planet earth

All this fuss over beards is odd to me. If men are expected to shave their face, whynot go the whole way and shave their heads on a regular basis. Isnt shaving a new thing really, our ancestors didnt shave did they, before razors or other devices were invented.

Wow I'd never seen this forum!

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A razor is merely an advance on a sharp blade. Roman soldiers were clean shaven so that the enemy couldn't grab hold of them so easily. I suspect it was also a class thing - being able to afford the time & a servant to do it.

Wow I'd never seen this forum!

Post 239

a visitor to planet earth

I am growing a beard now. Not everyone likes it.

Wow I'd never seen this forum!

Post 240

Emmily ~ Roses are red, Peas are green, My face is a laugh, But yours is a scream

"Not everyone likes it."

If you mean me Michael, that's an understatement.
Anything else, I can 'handle' but as for the beard smiley - yuksmiley - illsmiley - sadface

smiley - rose

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