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Canadian Slang

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CIG WebGeek

While parusing this great repository of knowledge, I noticed that there were three Aproved Guide entries for UK Slang, US Slang, and Aussie Slang... but none for Canuck Slang.

I have since started one, an would like help compiling the list.

http://www.h2g2.com/A179561 <--- its here.

thank you.

Canadian Slang

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The Q

oh, sorry, I thought that read "Canadian Slag"... my mistake. smiley - winkeye

Canadian Slang

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Queeglesproggit - Keeper of the evil Thingite Avon Lady Army and Mary Poppins's bag of darkness..

Is there any Canadian slang? I've been watching a bit of Big Brother but haven't heard Dickie come out with anything..

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