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Star Wars - Jedi's

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Colin (The Happy Robot)

Yes as Leia was strong with the force as well which is the main prerequisit for Jedi training and after the final film there wasn't exactly a Jedi Council to say no to training her. Only Luke.

Star Wars - Jedi's

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The thing is that Leia choose not to continue with her Jedi trainning event though Luke wanted her to. Instead, she wanted to concentrate on running the New Republic since Mon Martha stepped down from her position and Leia had to take over. (Its true, just read the Star Wars books!)

Star Wars - Jedi's

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Unfortunately, the extra 15% is used for chasing women, and gives no extra intelligence, merely the ability to pull!

Star Wars - Jedi's

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Leia also had to look after her twins Jacen (male) and Jaina (female) Solo. However she continues to practices her Jedi skills when she has spare time. Dark Jedi C'baoth wanted to get his hands on the twins so he could train them both to be Jedis.

Star Wars - Jedi's

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Yes. Is the simple answer. In the books Princess Leia becomes one. In Episode 1 there are a few and why not?

Female Jedi Knights

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u didnt know that? how old are u?

Star Wars - Jedi's

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Researcher 1

Jedi Knights?

Star Wars - Jedi's

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Trinity KS

Jedi Knights, havent you seen the Star Wars?

Female Jedi Knights

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Trinity KS

Just a small question- what are those midi-chlorians?

Star Wars - Jedi's

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Trinity KS

I reckon it wasn't very good choice for Leia not to train as a Jedi. Imagine how much power she would have had, to help with running the Republic. I am not just talking about the new-found ability to kick anyone's butt, but with the new power she would become a figure not to be messed with just like that, even Darth would think twice; not talking about the whole Jedi Council behind her. She might have been worried about the time it'd take her, but come on- Luke didn't have to train THAT long.

Star Wars - Jedi's

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I'm sure she'd be a great Jedi (Leia), and sexy too smiley - smiley

Star Wars - Jedi's

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Sure women can be Jedi's. Just look at Leia. She is Lukes sister and she is strong in the force too. Just like her brother. If you read the Star Wars novels, you will see how see is trained in the ways of the Force by the only Jedi Master still alive...Luke Skywalker.

Women Jedi

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The Cheese

Yes, women can become Jedi. Yadel, a female relative to Yoda, is on the Jedi Council.

Women Jedi

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This conversation could only have happened before the Force Awakens smiley - winkeye

Women Jedi

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This conversation could only have happened before "Eats, Shoots & Leaves"

Women Jedi

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Caiman raptor elk - Inside big box, thinking.

Any transgender Jedi?

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