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Anything about Time travel

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Lipsbury Pinfold (Part-time Timelord)

Is there any evidence to support the theory that time is absorbed by computers and released into boring parties.

I personally think this woud be a more frutful line of research than all this mucking about with fast spaceships and subatomic particles smiley - bigeyes

Anything about Time travel

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Mostly Harmless


What I think Whale is referring to in the high-speed time travel is that government did some testing with synchronized clocks and a high-speed jet. They took two very accurate clocks and synchronized them and then sent one of them on a trip in a very fast jet. When the trip was over the clocks where out of sync. The one that went on the trip was a few seconds slower then the one that stayed on the ground. Albert E's theory that the faster you go the slower time passes and stops at the speed of light. So if you go faster the light (which resent experiments have proven possible) you can travel back in time.

Personally I don't believe that time travel is possible. Time is a man-made conceipt. Just because we remember the past doesn't mean that it exsist.

Just thought I throw in my mad rants and raves. The medication is wearing off..now...doctors........ouch!...ZZZZZZZ

Anything about Time travel

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Fruitbat (Eric the)

At least SOMEONE's starting to make sense in this forum.

The whole idea of travelling back in time via light-study is the basis of most astronomical undertakings: they want to study the light that's coming from all those distant stars because it contains the story of the stars. They're hoping that using this method will tell them something about the early universe.


Anything about Time travel

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Gnomon - time to move on

Here's a conversation about Time Travel which ended a while back. Somebody in a different thread wanted to know.

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