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Lets find ET !!!

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Err...right. If I get at what you're getting at, maybe I (sort of) share the same view- or maybe not. You will have to elaborate yourself on *that*...

My view: I don't hold to those who want to knock religious 'fundamentalists' (most such people I occasionally but not always share the same view, as it seems to me some seem to go overboard- but then who am I to judge?), but at the same time see it as a good opportunity for some meaty debate (or to yanter on about my poorly moderated fundamentalist (-ish?) ideas- take your pick). Which is a good thing.

(N.B. to yanter = to go on incessantly about something [Lyniezian slang]
Lyniezian = of or pertaining to Lyniezia
Lyniezia = a fictitious country invented by a certiin obvious person)

Lets find ET !!!

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Mr. Dreadful - But really I'm not actually your friend, but I am...

Basically what I was getting at was that I find it highly amusing (not to mention a little sad) that people will say that the existence of God (which cannot be proven) is rubbish while the existence of aliens (which also cannot be proven) is perfectly plausible.

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