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Pros and Cons of Vegetarianism

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Mister Matty

A friend of mine is a vegetarian, and if I'm over there we eat the "fake beef" mince and stuff like that. I'm a meat-eater but I like the fake stuff. In fact, in some ways it's better.

Pros and Cons of Vegetarianism

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Well actually I eat the things that I like the taste and texture of. Ultimately I couldn't really care less what others eat or don't eat, just as long as they enjoy it.

Bloody steaks, broccoli, tuna, rice, tofu smiley - biggrin

Cottage cheese, turkey, smiley - choc, lentils, salmon smiley - yuk

Pros and Cons of Vegetarianism

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Spaceechik, Typomancer

NOW I'm OUTRAGED! Don't you DARE diss smiley - choc! smiley - winkeye

Fords_Prefect: There are more vegetarians in the US all the time. It used to be that the only substitutes for meat, if you were inclined to want them, were from a company called Morningstar Farms (see Grey Desk's comment on veggie bacon, above -- "meat" with the same attributes!).

It's a different world now! Vegetable/fruit choices in the supermarket is now mindboggling, and Farmer's Markets offer choices that even supers don't (Ever have a pluot? It's a cross between a plum and an apricot and YUMMY). One of my very favorite meals is Tamale Pie, by a company with the homey name of "Amy's", which is a spicy mixture of beans and vegetables in a pie, topped with a crust(?) of a polenta-like mixture (sort of a cornmeal-mash). smiley - biggrin

PRO: The burger substitutes are getting better all the time and getting very popular.
CON: The thing you have to look out for is the salt and fat! Believe it or not, some of the "subs" are higher than the "real" things. smiley - erm

Sort of a CON: I think there are only a few things which make me pause: there is not any non-animal source for vitamin B12, and the fact that not all legumes and grains combine in mixtures to give adequate protein in palatable proportions. I combat this be aiming for balance in my weekly menu (daily balance is not absolutely vital). I also may not give up diary completely, so that will make the previous two concerns moot. I am headed for full time veggie, but just not there yet.

Just my two cents.

SC smiley - planet

Pros and Cons of Vegetarianism

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English smiley - choc is a disgusting slime that sticks to your teeth and mouth and you just can't get rid of it smiley - yuk

French smiley - choc at 80%+ cocoa content. Well that is a whole new ball game smiley - smiley

Pros and Cons of Vegetarianism

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Phryne- 'Best Suppurating Actress'

English chocolate bad? Have you tried Hershey's?
I eat meat cos I like it, but I also like veg-based stuff. I don't like untreated vegetables much. And I could live on rice, if it were suitable.
There isn't much to support the idea that vegetarians are less aggressive, tho. And I don't know about the healthier digestive system etc. argument, this would surely be more likely to depend on the person. I knew several adolescent idealistic vegetarians who ended up with anaemia etc. and general lack of well-being because they didn't plan properly. Fools!
When we go to vegetarian friends' household, they cook a fantastic array of stuff, all of which is meat-free and wonderful. I don't find it a bother to cook meatless stuff if they were to visit.
Aside- what about veg. pet owners? Surely it is not fair to expect cats etc. to get on without meat. (btw what, anatomically, are humans equipped to eat? we have canine teeth and non-functioning appendices, implying omnivorous-ness...)

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