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Gnomon - time to move on

Hi ~jwf~. I haven't had time to look around the new system. What do you mean, that it only allows access to the liast few months? Is it not just the same system with a new display interface?


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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

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Howdy y'all!
Any ideas who some of the other first responders might have been
or became. We have you three still as yourselves; a girl called Ben
is now Mrs Zen on a new account; but I don't recall Phryne or Omigosh.
Mind you this thread was my first posting here on Dec 3 2000 so I hope
I'm forgiven for not remembering those names. They haven't posted much
lately. (May, June 2005)
smiley - cheers

In the new system when you click on 'other convos' the URL shows
a page number rather than the old 'skip 435 show 25'. The skip
number could be modified to skip back hundreds or thousands of
threads. I have about 4900.

The 'page number' only went back 30 odd pages of ten convos each
which in my case only goes back a few weeks. I tried to change the
page number to a larger figure but it just gave me an error page
or page not found.

It was about this time that warnings were going round not to play
with the new system just yet because of the bugs. So I haven't had
a look at it again. The idea of losing touch with my entire record
of activity has caused me to explore quite a lot of old stuff lately.
It's kinda morbid perhaps to be feeling loss for that which is not
yet loss.
smiley - cheerup
But we all grieve in our own way. We just have to learn how to
get out of our own way.

smiley - cheers


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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

'loss' could just as easily been 'lost'
take yer pick
if ya wanna be picky
omigosh is starting to come back to me
from other threads

smiley - ok

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